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Bigben Interactive
Enter into the wild and hunt various animals in this real-life 3D hunting simulator now available on your mobile device.…
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Enter into the wild and hunt various animals in this real-life 3D hunting simulator now available on your mobile device. EXPLORE A LIVING WORLD Play a full career mode over a complete hunting season composed of several objectives to accomplish. Hunting seasons feature different weapons (rifles, shotguns, …), objectives (hunting plan) and animals (hares, boars, pheasants, deers, …) and weather conditions. COMPLETE HUNTING PLANS Detect and track animals’ trails, avoid scent, be in the correct wind alignment and detect animals hidden in the wild vegetation to finally take a shoot. To succeed in your tasks, you have at your disposal a wide range of tools: - Binoculars allow you to detect animals from afar without scaring them - Sound indicator makes you aware of how noisy you are - Blending indicator helps you blend with the vegetation and avoid being detected by animals Each day you’ll be charged to execute a hunting plan. A plan varies in terms of timing (you play against the clock) and specific animals to hunt. A hunting plan always follows the strict rules of hunting. ADJUST STRATEGIES TO WEATHER You play across 4 different hunting seasons featuring various weather conditions. Adjust your hunting strategies as wind, snow, fog, rain can affect animals’ reactions. COLLECT TROPHIES By improving your precision, accuracy, stealth and executing correctly hunting plans you’ll unlock trophies as well as new competencies for your hunter. EXERCISE YOURSELF Skeet shooting allows you to improve your shooting skills on moving clay pigeons. Your goal is to attempt to break clay disks automatically flung into the air at high speed from a variety of angles. GAME FEATURES - Career mode - Skeet shooting practice mode - 9 types of weapons - 20 species to discover and hunt - 3 different hunting tools - Real weather conditions: wind, fog, rain, snow - Perks and competencies to unlock - Several hunting plans to execute - Strict rules of hunting - Scoreloops Join the hunt for trophies today!
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Release:Apr 30, 2014
Updated:Apr 30, 2014
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