GT6 Track Path Editor

*This app is available exclusively on tablet devices and it is not compatible with smartphones.

■GT6 Track Pat…
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*This app is available exclusively on tablet devices and it is not compatible with smartphones.

■GT6 Track Path Editor:
The GT6 Track Path Editor is an application for PlayStation®3 title Gran Turismo 6 that enables the user to create his or her own drivable course. The app allows you to choose the scenery of your choice, as well as letting you chart your own driving path—it even lets you trace maps or driving paths of real life routes. There’s also a function to include a variety of course-related objects into your custom track such as curbing. Once the course is completed, it can be transferred to Gran Turismo 6 and sampled in Arcade Mode, Open Lobby, and in your Communities. In order to drive the completed tracks, you must have a PlayStation®3 console connected to the internet, a copy of Gran Turismo 6, and the SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) account you are using for Gran Turismo 6.

■Description of Features
The following steps describe the course data creation process of the Track Path Editor:

1: Select a Theme
Select the geography/scenery of the course from four different themes.

2: Layout Mode
Chart the course line that will be the route for the road surface. You can also set the road width and corner bank angles.

3: Item Mode
Place trees, billboards and other items along the course.

4: Curbing Mode
You can place curbing along the course line. (*This mode may not be available in some cases.)

5: Export
Export the created course data to Gran Turismo 6.

6: Test Drive
Test drive the created track using the Gran Turismo 6’s “Track Path Importer“ tool, and save as a user generated track.

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