Golden Tee Tournament Edition

Incredible Technologies, Inc.
The most popular arcade game of all time is raising the stakes! Challenge opponents around the world in new and exciting…
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The most popular arcade game of all time is raising the stakes! Challenge opponents around the world in new and exciting game modes with REAL prizes on the line! Whether you’re a fresh-faced rookie or a seasoned veteran of Golden Tee Mobile, Tournament Edition delivers a fun and competitive experience. Blast through fast-paced new game types designed to deliver maximum thrills in minimal time! Take on players from all corners of the globe in short and sweet single-hole scrambles or extended 9-Hole rounds! What HASN’T changed is what makes Golden Tee the world’s premiere video game golf experience; quirky and unique character customization, white-knuckle course design, and trademark game play that gives you TOTAL CONTROL over your swing! Deftly drive the ball through windswept canyons and snow-powdered cliffs with the swipe of a finger, and with the right amount of finesse, “impossible” shots can find their way to the bottom of the cup! Golden Tee Mobile: Tournament Edition welcomes new challengers and GTM elites alike. Whatever your skill level, Golden Tee’s unique blend of raw intensity and refined game play will put your skills to the test. The Tournament begins NOW and the stakes have never been higher! Are you ready, golfers? It’s GOLDEN TEE time! Golden Tee Tournament Edition Features: - Play for REAL cash prizes in new and exciting Head-to-Head game types! - SKILLZ® MATCH-MAKING system ensures you’re matched with an opponent of a similar skill level, for fair and fast-paced matches that are almost too close to call! - New TIMED GAME MODES dial up the intensity! Take as many shots as you can within the time limit to nail the perfect shot! - Play 9 HOLES over a MIX OF COURSES and smash the scoreboard with your best swings! Don’t get too comfortable, because every contest is completely random! - Skip the Pro Shop and head straight to the links with the top tier gear! We’ve LEVELED up EVERY CLUB in the game, since there’s no time to waste in the mad dash to victory! - Everyone plays with the SAME EQUIPMENT for a FAIR COMPETITION! - IMPORT YOUR golfer’s NAME AND CLOTHING from Golden Tee Mobile! Whether you’re going for slick and stylish or colorful and crazy, your steez will be out to please! PLUS: - NEW GAME MODES are on the way! A steady rotation of round types means you never know what challenges are waiting on the fairway! - HUGE PLAYER BASE built across 30+ years of Golden Tee means there’s always a new challenger to take on! - World-renowned TOTAL CONTROL gameplay that’s easy to pick up and requires exceptional skill to master. Every drive, chip, and putt are yours, with one-to-one touch precision! - FAST AND EASY PAYOUTS for cashing out your winnings!
Seller:Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Genre:Action, Sports
Release:Nov 07, 2022
Updated:Nov 07, 2022
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