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We are looking for help figuring out what to do next! visit for more info.

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We are looking for help figuring out what to do next! visit for more info.

GAME.minder is the app for gamers. When you hear about a game, just set a RE.minder and GAME.minder makes sure you DON’T FORGET TO PLAY! International dates now supported!

** "GAME.minder is an incredible app for gameheads. It really does list all the games that are coming out for months, and even years, to come and not just for game consoles that are currently available either." - Melanie Rivera, **

** "GAME.minder is so simple, we're a little upset that we didn't think of it first." - Erik Stordahl, SportStars Magazine **

Download GAME.minder for FREE and never miss a video game release date again! GAME.minder currently tracks games for Android, iOS, MAC, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, OUYA, PC, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Playstation Vita, Web Games, Wii, Wii U, Windows Phone and Xbox 360.

And now, with the newest update:
-- Track release dates across different regions! (most popular request)
-- Track a physical release separately from a digital release or Facebook game
-- Edit your platform and region preferences for any game individually

If you’ve ever watched a game trailer or tech demo and thought, “Man that looks like a cool game. I’ll have to remember it”, then GAME.minder is for you!

We built GAME.minder because we were sick of using post-it notes stuck to our monitors to help us remember when games were coming out. The next time you see an ad, read a preview, or hear a rumor about a game that you HAVE to have, use GAME.minder’s easy-to-navigate interface to search for a title and set a RE.minder – we’ll handle the rest.


-- Find and follow any upcoming game
-- Get notified when info changes, and as games approach release
-- Get notified when games are available for pre-order and purchase right in the app
-- Find games by date, system, genre, developer and more

-- Report incorrect or missing info from within the app
-- Request games to be added to the system from within the app
-- Customize your systems to only see games you can play
-- Share games with friends

-- Earn points for setting RE.minders and sharing games with friends
-- Earn bonuses for speed and timing
-- Compare scores on the Game Center leaderboards
-- Earn Game Center achievements for all sorts of stuff (some are hidden so look around!)

GAME.minder is the perfect app for gamers who want to stay informed. Set a RE.minder, and get back to your gaming.

And most importantly - DON’T FORGET TO PLAY™
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