Frizzle Fraz

When your friends get kidnapped, what do you do? If you're Frizzle Fraz, you go and rescue them, of course!

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When your friends get kidnapped, what do you do? If you're Frizzle Fraz, you go and rescue them, of course!

Frizzle Fraz is one seriously cute little animal. He's a fuzzy bouncy ball who lives happily with his friends in the Mystical Forest. Unfortunately, some evil kidnappers have made off with his friends and left him all alone. That leaves just one thing for him to do! Frizzle Fraz must set out on an epic adventure into the Mystical Forest to save his bouncing buddies and restore peace to the kingdom.

Help Frizzle Fraz get his friends back by jumping, bouncing and bumping his way through the Magical Forest. Beware of those nasty kidnappers though! They sure do love themselves a nice Frizzle snack!

In over 26 enchanting levels, you’ll be able to steer Frizzle Fraz through all kinds of quests and adventures – each one more enchanting than the last! Collect all four keys, jump on the kidnappers, avoid all the forest critters like the frog and rescue your furry little friends.

Your friends are little fuzzy balls of different colors, so be sure to look out for them as you go through each level. Complete each one perfectly and you’ll be given star status! Achieve star status on as many levels as possible and you're sure to make your friends envious! Perfect for both girls and boys, Frizzle Fraz is the ultimate cute adventure and it's so easy to play. You can either touch or tilt to move Frizzle Fraz through the forest. It’s totally up to you! Think you can make it to the end and complete all 26 enchanting levels? There’s only one way to find out!

The game features:

• Non-stop bouncing fun specially designed by the good folks at
• Super cute graphics!
• 26 mystical levels.
• Touch or tilt controls. You get to choose!
• Star-status to show your friends.

What are you waiting for? Be the hero of your own magical Fraz-venture and save Frizzle World!
Genre:Adventure, Family
Release:Feb 24, 2014
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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