Football City Goal Shots Puzle

Katarzyna Rog
It’s an easygoing, easy soccer (football) game. Just you and the ball, your focus unwavering. Aim and kick. With each pr…
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It’s an easygoing, easy soccer (football) game. Just you and the ball, your focus unwavering. Aim and kick. With each precise kick, the net flutters, and the world slows down. No championship pressure, just the pure joy of scoring goals. A relaxing game where the only rush is the thrill of the net rippling. Kick the ball and enjoy. No frantic dashes, no heart-pounding sprints. It is still all about soccer/football, but with a delightful twist. Each match is a fresh experience. A soccer game where you can have fun and relax at the same time. No stress, just joy of scoring goals. If you like soccer (football, futbol) or just want to chill out while playing, "Football City Goal Shots Puzzle" game might be just for you! Relax. Your sole task is to aim at the net and kick. With each precise kick, the net flutters, a delicate dance of victory. Soccer world slows, worries and deadlines suspended. It's soccer! Chill out, my friend. This free soccer game awaits. Football, futbol, soccer - whatever you call it - it's an easy soccer game, aim at the net, kick the ball, score goals. It's that easy. Simple and easy game where you can enjoy and relax while playing soccer game. Choose your soccer team and begin at the bottom of Division 4. Work your way up to the top Division 1 by winning the championship. During the season, play football, score goals, play full matches, and keep track of all division teams’ fixtures, results, and points in the table. Collect trophies and view them in your Hall of Fame, along with the complete football season statistics. Get ready to score goals and climb the ranks in this exciting but relaxing free football game! To win, you’ll need to use a bit of strategic planning to score goals and find a way to the net. It’s a bit like solving a puzzle while playing football. Work on your aim and kick technique to score goals and plan your shots to avoid losing goals yourself. Three teams get promoted to higher league, the worst three go down to lower league. Score goals in this exciting soccer game. Aim and kick the ball. Just footbal. You can watch replays of your best goal shots that find a way to the football net. You can watch all shots or just the most spectacular ones, any ball kicks. Watch replays from five different camera angles. Each football season is unique, with each team’s pitch being set at the beginning of the football season. Obstacles (bins/trashes) are placed at positions specific to each team. Let’s aim and kick the ball! Play free Football City Goal Shots Puzle today! In App Purchase 1 In App Purchase to Remove Ads and to add options to Change Number of Rounds and Bounces. Be the best in the football city, download and play today!
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Release:Jan 29, 2024
Updated:Feb 20, 2024
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