Flying Brothers™ 6-MODES-IN-ONE!

☆Flying Brothers™ - The best circus,acrobatic and physic game!☆

☆Featured by Apple in: "What We're Playing…
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☆Flying Brothers™ - The best circus,acrobatic and physic game!☆

☆Featured by Apple in: "What We're Playing" and "New and Noteworthy" and Staff Favorites" and "Whats's HOT"☆

This game is a mixture of the best mobile games. Feel adrenaline buzz while performing the unique acrobatic tricks. The game also has a built-in Ragdoll-physics system!
It has physics engine, funny characters and dozens of achievements.You will enjoy nice music and lots of interesting game modes.

☆Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play.
☆Unlimited Gameplay with interesting game modes and entertaining free updates!

What people are saying!
by tenfields, UK:
Terrific indie game, Simple concept, very funny and ferociosly addictive - well worth the asking price, and great to see this hit the iPhone market!

by Fluxxin, UK:
This game is starting to realize it's potential.One day I think this could do an angry birds and come from nowhere to top the iTunes charts!

This is a nice little game u can play if u hav a few minutes to spare, before the update i found it a bit boring but now with colour u just gives such a more happier feel to it and just makes me wanna come back to it every here and there.

*Dozens of achievement and tricks such as flip trick, big leap, etc. and 1000 OpenFeint points.
*Captivating Gameplay for every age
*Various playing modes
*Online and offline high-scores, competition system for your friends or other players
*Ragdoll effects
*Realistic physical engine for the characters
*Send your high-score at Facebook and Twitter
*Choose between 2 diffrent characters with diffrent physics!

01.05.10 NEW UPDATE 4.1 THERE! Includes:
*Highly improved physics!
*Easier to jump!
*Rapid acceleration!

20.04.10 NEW UPDATE 4.0 THERE! Includes:
*Removed the ceiling of the circus in ALL MODES and added new graphics!!!
*Flying Brother Mode renamed to Classic Mode
*Added New game mode "Flying Brother"
*Added camer
*other improvements

30.03.10 NEW UPDATE 3.0 THERE! Includes:
*Now you can change between 2 diffrent game designs: Color mode and Retro mode!
*Added new funny buttons
*Added sensor acceleration and deceleration character
*Improved Backgrounds
*Greatly improved tutorial
*New fonts for color mode
Enjoy this new changes and take time to update your reviews, as always 5 star reviews keeps the free updates regularly!

03.03.10 NEW Update 2.2.1 THERE! Includes:
*New Game mode with trampoline!
*Improved submiting score.
*Improved some buttons.

23.02.10 NEW Update 2.2 THERE! Includes:
*Improved Scoring System
*Fixed bug with detachment of an acrobat
*New Game Mode

Future updates will include:
New types of mini-games!
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Feb 18, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal