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Hit and Stack Flawless! Flawless Hit is a "quick stop" skill game that is easy to learn & difficult to master! Get read…
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Hit and Stack Flawless! Flawless Hit is a "quick stop" skill game that is easy to learn & difficult to master! Get ready for a flawless epic stacking arcade! RULES OF FLAWLESS HIT There is a block of four cubes, moving from side to side on the screen. You must tap the screen to stack the moving blocks on top of each other. If the squares do not align directly above the previous set, any overhanging cubes will be removed. If you miss completely, the game is over. And there is a hint: with green, blue, white and pink cubes you can get extra points! The goal of the game is to become the best in the stacking of blocks. Get to the top of the Leaderboards! FEATURES OF FLAWLESS HIT - Addictive never-ending fun, inspired by the arcade classic Stacker - Easy to learn, hard to master - Play successfully every day and watch your rating grow in Game Center Leaderboards - Extremely small game size and great run - Enjoy a full experience – take care of your blocks anytime, anywhere Hint: color cubes (green, blue, pink, white) give more points if flawless hit and coupled together one color cubes give you extra "coins". Be aware! New custom cubes appear! Now you can progress much faster! Observe new user experience with new cubes opportunitites: cubes can move as reflector mirroring the row, one more reflector increases your chances to merge one colour cubes with each next flawless hit after it, and what a luck new wider cubes block can wide a current row! Don't forget to spend earned "cube-coins" for cubes upgrade. Each upgrade makes higher your level and color and custom cubes will appear more often during your play, helping to achieve the top of the leaderboard! For fans of old-school games, arcade games, and everything related to city or tower building! This game is free to play. Test your agility, patience, reaction and attention – come, play Flawless Hit, and become the master of stacking! Be flawless!
Seller:Ambar Services Limited
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Oct 15, 2015
Updated:May 19, 2016
Size:25.5 MB
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