Get THAT Mish!

From the makers of the
10 million-downloading iOS game OVENBREAK
Comes the new exciting game: "Get THAT M…
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From the makers of the
10 million-downloading iOS game OVENBREAK
Comes the new exciting game: "Get THAT Mish!"

MISH lets you...
- Travel the Four Seas in search of over 200 different exotic sea creatures
- Raise your chances for that big catch with 30 different lures
- Decorate your aquarium with 150 exotic structures and details
- Raise ever-so-cute Mish with help from friends
- Choose from 20 boats and luxury yachts to go fishing
- Enjoy bright, colorful, and exotic original music
- Share all of the above with friends


Your mission is to...

Become the world's best fisherman!
You've accepted the mission to catch Mish from around the world. Try catching some rare breeds if you will.

Decorate your aquarium tank and watch Mish grow!
Give love to Mish as well as feed them when hungry. They will do tasks for you and will grow to yield good things for you.

Compete with friends to travel the world!
Connect with fellow gamers also on the Mish journey. Compete and cooperate with them to ultimately decide who is the best.

Resolve the mystery of Mish!
Why do Mish like our television? Why do we need to catch and research Mish? What do they think of us humans? What plans do the Mish have for the future?


MISH contains...unprecedented gameplay and design details!

- Choose your boat and region for fishing,
- Select the best lure for your fishing rod,
- And throw the lure into the water.
- When the Mish bite, tap the screen in sync with the rhythmic circles.
- Caught Mish can be sent to the aquarium or sold.
- Once in the aquarium, feed your Mish and give them love.
- The Mish will respond to your kindness and grow,
- They will even perform tasks for you.
- Decorate your aquarium with lavish details.
- Visit friends' aquariums to admire their design and collect rewards.
- Continue fishing until the next region opens up.

Traveling the globe...

- North Pacific
- Sydney Harbor
- Californian coast
- Rio de Janeiro coast
- Amazon area
- Caribbean Sea
- Mexico coast


Best yet... stay tuned for
-More updates, maps, lure, boats, and Mish!

Follow Mish and save the world!

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Genre:Action, Adventure, Family
Release:Apr 09, 2012
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