First Person Hooper

Starch Digital
First Person Hooper is an arcade-style basketball game focused on the jump shot. Featuring first-person shooter controls…
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First Person Hooper is an arcade-style basketball game focused on the jump shot. Featuring first-person shooter controls with a lock-on system similar to modern FPS games, players can easily shoot the ball with power and timing mechanics relative to location on the court. Score with shot style bonuses and get rewarded with a power-up for swishes and bank shots. Get shots up in a relaxed island setting and customize the court to fit any mood. Rank up on the leaderboards in score and time-attack modes or master your shot in free play. GAME MODES • ARCADE (Score Attack) - Score in creative ways to achieve the highest score possible within a chosen time limit • SPOT UP (Time Attack) - Make shots from designated spots on the court and record your fastest time • ZEN (Free Play) - Relax and shoot at your leisure, perfect your jump shot, and view stats in realtime GAME CENTER • Leaderboards • Achievements FEATURES • Lock-on aiming system for quick and easy shot making • Shot-power and timing mechanic that adjusts to your movement • Multiple scoring variations such as perfect releases, swishes, bankshots, fadeaways, and more • Additional skill level for hoopers that prefer manual control • Ball, court, hoop, and crosshair customizations • Stat sheet and shot chart that tracks shot types and percentages • In-game secrets, bonuses, and special zones • Scoring multipliers up to 4x when making consecutive shots • Ability to power-up your shot for a guaranteed make • Semi-realistic basketball physics • Lefty option for left-handed players • Options to customize the interface and game experience • Online leaderboards for Arcade and Spot Up modes • Designed for replayability to master the jump shot, beat your best times and record high scores • Gamepad and controller support • Lo-fi instrumental hiphop soundtrack by hypoetical All questions, comments, and issues will be taken to heart and addressed as soon as possible. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome! If you enjoy the game, please let the world know with a positive review. Your support will allow us to provide new content and updates.
Seller:Starch Digital
Genre:Action, Sports
Release:May 16, 2023
Updated:Mar 05, 2024
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