Fake Future

Sentai Inc.
What will happen when AI gains self-awareness and surpasses humanity? What choices will humans make when faced with the…
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What will happen when AI gains self-awareness and surpasses humanity? What choices will humans make when faced with the appearance of a new energy "Icey"? Countless complex clues point towards an unexplored "pixel" space - the [Fake Future]. The “future” it depicts is hazy yet mysterious, just like the desolation after the destruction of Earth, craving rebirth and exploration. Whether you're a fan of cyber-pixel style or a sci-fi fanatic, you won't want to miss this retro-futuristic pixel simulation game. Come and join us now! [Reboot the Earth, Build Your Society] Be it not casual and instant login and logout! We have unlimited combinations and possibilities! Let your creativity and wild imagination rule, block-building, arts of placements, it's all up to you! Build your homeland with your own hands! [Alien Invasion, Intertwined Riddles] A whole wasteland is to be revealed before you! Desert, woods, mines, tunnels... they re filled with thrilling adventures and stories to be experienced! Rally your team and set off now! The mysteries of alien life forms are to be explored! [Survival & Cooperated Growth of Humanity] The choices are yours to reject or accept the quests from all kinds of strange visitors who will be visiting your headquarters. They could be deliverymen, help seekers, robbers, cyborg men...! Your choices will change their lives! In the face of the unknown, will you uphold your principles, or take your chance of cooperation? [Scattered Ester Eggs, Awakened AI Consciousness] You are not only rebuilding a homeland but a world of Cyberoids as well! Dive into the memories of their past and master the technologies to develop more Cyberoids! You can also try to unleash their subconsciousness - it's a test for you! Let us navigate through the mysteries of AI consciousness and the awakening of it! [Future Unfolding, Civilization Continuing] As you dip through the plot, you will find yourself not alone. Visitors from other planets will consequently show up in your base, and you will get access to more resources and technologies! In the vast expanse of the universe, let human civilization retain and continue! In retrospect... Year 2100, first Cyberoid was created Year 2101, Hope was given birth Year 2102, Geoport's first attempt to return to earth. Due to the lack of fatigue relief mechanism, system errors abounded among Cyberoids. Mission aborted. Year 2105, Geoport's second attempt to return to earth. Mission failed due to malfunctioned Cyberoids. Year 2110, Geoport's third attempt to return to earth. Cyberoids tried to approach the alien colossus Walchen but were destroyed in the wake of attacks. Year 2115, Geoport's fourth attempt to return to earth. The electricity facility in the earth headquarters powered off and sent many places to blackouts. Mission failed. Year 2117, Geoport's fifth attempt to return to earth. Cyberoids were attacked by human beings. ... Never thought it would turn out to be such an odyssey to get back to the mother planet. Looking at the sentence written in the letter, your mission has already been put in words, "Continue Geoport's mission, develope Cyberoids and send them back to earth". Let's get started once again, return to earth! Find us on socials! Discord: https://discord.gg/rAyFZEJwbu Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fake__Future Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FakeFuture2125/ Got any questions? Contact us via [email protected]
Seller:Sentai Inc.
Genre:Adventure, Simulation
Release:May 08, 2023
Updated:May 19, 2023
Size:150.2 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal