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Manage your own esports team. Sign up the best players. Train your superstars. Deal with distractions and critical event…
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Manage your own esports team. Sign up the best players. Train your superstars. Deal with distractions and critical events before every match. Expand your team and gaming house to win major tournaments around the world until you become the greatest esports team! CREATE YOUR OWN ESPORTS TEAM Personalize every aspect of your professional squad: design your shield and esports equipment, create both your avatar and your players from the start… Compose the electronic sports team of your dreams and climb to the very top of the championship! SHOCK THE MARKET SIGNING UP THE BEST STARS The best teams need the best players, and if you really want to become the greatest manager you will need all the stars at your side. Hire promising players and convince current champions to join your team. And if one of them is dragging you down… Face the hard choice of keeping them on your squad or wishing them farewell! Nobody said becoming a champion would be an easy task. TRAIN YOUR PLAYERS AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR WELL-BEING Superstars don’t appear out of the blue: even the most talented players need to work extensively to improve their skills! Master champions, work on the team chemistry, analyze opponents... And do not skip breakfast! FROM BEDROOMS TO GAMING MANSIONS… Winning matches will attract more fans, more earnings, and open new possibilities! Improve your gaming house as you climb divisions and start living like a superstar. Psychologists, coaches, marketing managers… All sorts of professionals will join you on your path to glory! …TO BECOME AN ESPORTS LEGEND! Face the results of your hard training by competing against professional electronic sports teams. Decide between witnessing the pay-off of the match or guiding your squad by drafting champions and taking real-time decisions during simulated arena MOBA esports matches. And when you face the excited crowd waiting for you just remember: success belongs to your players, but it is the coaches who own the losses. FEATURES You are the manager of your own esports squad! Manage equipment, statistics, champions, energy, tactics, money… Train your own arena MOBA players and compete against professional esports teams Become a champion by climbing to the top of the rankings Play simulated esports matches, take time management decisions to overpower your opponent! Progress as a true esports manager: climb divisions, move into modern gaming houses and reach the champions! Esports Life Tycoon is a management game and MOBA simulator designed for esports MOBA fans, arena and Twitch viewers alike! For an optimal game experience, we recommend playing Esports Life Tycoon on a device with at least 3GB RAM and a 5.5'' or bigger screen. Write a review to support us! Game available in English, German, French and Spanish. Need help? Write us at [email protected] Discover our games on our website! …And follow us on social media!
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Release:Dec 18, 2019
Updated:May 11, 2021
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