Escape Room Tale of Recreation

HFG has proudly launched another Sequel of Point and click Escape game for Tale of Recreation. It will improve your sear…
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HFG has proudly launched another Sequel of Point and click Escape game for Tale of Recreation. It will improve your searching skill and find all the hidden objects, escape from one room to another room. Use all your skills to find out the hidden mystery and go through all the trials one by one to reach the destination. Squeeze quest will drag you into a long adventure with a very interesting storyline. Get ready to escape all possible places dedicated to different rooms, solve the enigma and open the door. Uncover the new mystery of an adventure. Challenge yourself! Solve the most difficult puzzles in all different rooms to prove you are adventure loved person. The game has lots of mysterious levels, each level designed with unique exit plans. You have to find a way to escape from there by finding objects, hints, and solving baffles. Enjoy an hour of mind blending fun! GAME STORY: A scientist named Freddy James lives in Seattle. He lost his father recently, who was a well known scientist and he was working on a experimental device named 'Cyborg'. Freddy decided to complete his dad's work and with so many struggles he made his dad's experiment successful. When the cyborg is all set for the missions which are meant to help the villagers, there comes Damian's friend Alex to capture the cyborg and establish it as his (Alex) invention, by threatening Uncle Ben. As there is danger around Tessa, Freddy decided to hide Tessa safe in a secret place. With some technical fault Tessa travels to a hidden world where the people living there facing a danger. Will Tessa help them and get back to his Master? Play all the 501 levels to save the hidden world and their people. Features: -100 Challenging levels - Addictive story mode - Amazing graphics and gameplay - Family Entertainer suitable for all ages - Humane hints for perfect assistance - Earn coins through daily gifts and rewards - Made easily understandable for beginners
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Mar 02, 2022
Updated:Mar 02, 2022
Size:120.5 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal