Eggy Party

Welcome to Eggy Party, the ultimate party royale game where the fun never stops! Run, jump, dash, roll, and whack your w…
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Welcome to Eggy Party, the ultimate party royale game where the fun never stops! Run, jump, dash, roll, and whack your way through dozens of colorful obstacle courses and arenas, either solo or with friends! Face off against hundreds of whacky challenges and prove you're the top eggy in town! ACTION-PACKED CHALLENGES BY THE DOZEN! Eggy Party offers a variety of action-packed challenges for players to enjoy! Test your skills in a variety of mini-games, each with its own unique twist. From racing through obstacle courses to brawling in arenas, there's something for everyone to enjoy! SUPERCHARGE YOUR EGGY! Unlock new abilities and power-ups to supercharge your eggy! Transform into an explosive powerhouse, summon lightning to strike your opponents, shoot arrows to clear obstacles, and much more! With unlockable ultimates and pickable power-ups, the possibilities are endless! TEAM UP TO CRACK YOUR WAY TO THE TOP! Everything's better with friends by your side! Team up with your friends to crack your way to the top in Eggy Party! Whether you're competing in brawling arenas or racing through obstacle courses, teamwork is the key to victory! MESS AROUND EGGY ISLAND! Explore Eggy Town between matches and discover a variety of fun activities to enjoy with your friends! Connect with friends, express yourself with emotes, and enjoy various activities like soccer and concerts! CREATE YOUR OWN FUN & FAME! Unleash your creativity and become the next famous creator in Eggy Party! Use our powerful course creator to design unique courses and arenas to share with players worldwide! With new experiences hatching daily, the Eggyverse is yours to explore and create! NEW EXPERIENCES HATCHED DAILY! With hundreds of creators making new courses every day, there's always something new to discover in Eggy Party! Whether you're racing through obstacle courses or brawling in arenas, the Eggyverse is yours to explore and conquer! Join the party and experience endless fun in Eggy Party today! Let's hatch some unforgettable memories together! Let the adventure begin -- download Eggy Party now and join the party of a lifetime! To learn more about Eggy Party, please visit: • Official Website: • Twitter: • YouTube: • Facebook: • Instagram: • TikTok: @eggypartyglobal, @eggypartysea2023 • Discord:
Genre:Family, Racing
Release:Feb 22, 2024
Updated:May 23, 2024
Size:1.5 GB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal