Duterte knows Kung Fu: Pinoy Crime Fighter

Fight criminals with Duterte with Vice Leni. Use your Kung Fu attacks to defeat foes that stands in your way. Bring out …
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Fight criminals with Duterte with Vice Leni. Use your Kung Fu attacks to defeat foes that stands in your way. Bring out the justice!

-Awesome action and animation.
-Special Super Attacks!
-Level up to become the unbeatable hero.
-Easy to play.

*Game Play:
It is an action fighting game action genre made to entertain and stress relief from crime situation and traffic? LOL. The game is as simple as defeating criminals that comes at you. The challenge is the number of criminals and you have to put them down quick, that't where the special Kung Fu attacks come in handy.

-The fearless leader that could take down all the criminals is now in action to kick them flying away.

*Basic attacks and combo:
- Duterte's attacks comes in different animations. Each combo grants you an extra score.

*Reset difficulty:
-This will reset enemies level to level 1. Your level will remain the same and still be as strong as before you restart the game. This is good if you want to start over again to defeat old strong enemies and gain experience points.

*Level Up
-Every defeated criminal grants you can experience points raised level you up. Every time you level up your stats raises and become stronger. If you get more you get to unlock special powerful attacks.

*Power Up
-This feature will add stats to your character for better life, damage and heals. The more stats you upgrade the more powerful you become.

*Leni's Love- Leni act as Duterte's side kick that gives him inspiration and heals him when he gets wounded.

-They can cause massive and instant damage to group of enemies: they are equivalent to double to triple of your name normal damage. You can unlock these skills by leveling up.

Flying kick- instantly kicks out the enemy.
Power blast- powerful beam that deals damage to group of enemies.
Power gun- deals damage to all enemies and sight.

They pop out in random directions, life and speed. The challenge is to put them down before they beat you.

We have english as primary language. You can also set language to Filipino. This game is dedicated to pinoys and the people of the Philippines.

"Please support our game by sharing it your friends. Cheers to Pinoys, Mabuhay!"

The Game is created by John A.C.E.
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Jul 11, 2016
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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