Dusk Racer: Super Car Racing

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Do you think racing in a straight line is easy? Absolutely Free! Dusk Racer: Supercar Racing pits the best of the best …
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Do you think racing in a straight line is easy? Absolutely Free! Dusk Racer: Supercar Racing pits the best of the best super cars against heavy traffic in an addictive race against time to see how many checkpoints bow before your awesome driving skills! Watch as deserts, forests and water ways fade into the red hues of sunset and settle into the calm veil of twilight. Take the highway and weave through traffic chasing the dawn at speeds of over 300 kilometers an hour while dealing with rain storms and sudden blizzards! Let your v12 or turbocharged v8 pierce the din of dusk set to a synth driven sound track that will let you cruise with style into the sunset. Visceral Racing: Unlike other endless racers Dusk Racer aims to empower you the player with the ability to drive and does not gimp its game design so that you fail constantly! Pass checkpoints to unlock better and better super cars! Racing missions are on the way in the next update! Combo System: Chain combos on the fly scoring up to 6x: it's not only about how many checkpoints you pass but your winnings as well! Immerse Atmosphere: Dusk Racer features a Day Night Cycle, Multiple Scenery Themes & Weather effects! Prebaked 3D Visuals: Detailed models were hand rendered to set the feel of the vehicles and set pieces of Dusk Racer. Progressive Difficulty: Complex traffic patterns filled with a myriad of vehicles; Sports Cars, Big Rigs, Classic Cars, and Hot Hatches. Keep an eye out for special Easter Eggs! Dynamic Speed System: Drifting will allow you to control your speed and better control your combo vectors and racing position! Realistic Car Animations: Each vehicle has all the proper bits working – if it’s an automatic spoiler we got you covered if it’s flip up headlights Bam they're yours! Accurate Speedometers: Each car features its very own accurate speedometer in Dusk Racer: Supercar Racing. Properly Done Audio System: Each car sings to its own tune – you’ll tell what type of aspiration they have by the sound of their engines! Awesome Home Cooked Synth Sound Track: Let the futurescapes of the pumping retro 80’s synth sound track take you back to your future! More Cars and Updates are on the way: Help us make Dusk Racer Better! You’ll love Dusk Racer if you are into - Purchase Information: Dusk Racer is absolutely FREE! We hope you won’t mind the ads as they are a source of income for our development process. Thanks in advance! Important: This App does not require logging into any social networks, nor does it contain any hidden web links or any form of data logging. Please, do not hesitate to submit your comments and feedback to improve your gaming experience; we listen! Let’s make Dusk Racer the best it can be!
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Release:Sep 17, 2014
Updated:Feb 16, 2015
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