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Dive into the realm of offline mobile roguelike action RPG. Dungero is an Archero-like game offering one-thumb gameplay,…
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Dive into the realm of offline mobile roguelike action RPG. Dungero is an Archero-like game offering one-thumb gameplay, innovation, and addictive loot mechanics. Dungero features: - One-thumb roguelike action RPG gameplay, perfect for play - A collection of immortal heroes to choose from in your journey - Ranged and melee combat, providing diverse action - Visit magical altars and learn powerful skills in this offline roguelike adventure - Deadly curses that change everything, adding depth to the gameplay - Powerful bosses in various dungeons, challenging your skills - Destructible objects, dangerous traps, interactive mechanisms in dungeons - Loot legendary treasures, rare equipment, and craft artifacts in this roguelike game - Dozens of quests and events, providing endless content ONE-THUMB ROGUELIKE ACTION RPG Explore the world of Dungero, fight with monsters, defeat epic bosses, and loot legendary artifacts in an offline action game controlled by just one thumb. COLLECT IMMORTAL HEROES IN THIS GAME Gather hero shards and unlock the collection of powerful immortal heroes in Dungero. Each hero has unique special abilities and custom battle skills in this offline game. RANGED & MELEE COMBAT FOR THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE Wield a melee weapon in one hand and a throwing axe or a magic wand in the other. Crush your enemies with different play styles in this roguelike action game. SKILLS & ALTARS IN THIS GAME Visit powerful magic altars, learn special abilities, and choose the right combination to defeat epic guards of various dungeons with armies of minions. DEADLY CURSES THAT ENHANCE THE ROGUELIKE GAMEPLAY The power of immortal heroes has a price. Sacrifice on altars brings curses to your hero that change the gameplay situations. EXPLORE VARIOUS DUNGEONS Discover numerous dungeons in the world of Dungero. Beware, they are full of deadly traps, doors, destructible objects, and interactive mechanisms. DEFEAT EPIC BOSSES AND LOOT THEIR TREASURES The powerful bosses with unique combat skills and armies of minions guard the halls of dungeons. Crush them all and loot forgotten treasures in this action game. Have a problem or do you simply love it? Send your feedback to Retrobot via [email protected]
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Genre:Arcade, Role Playing
Release:Nov 20, 2023
Updated:Nov 28, 2023
Size:411.4 MB
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