Dragon Eternity

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"Dragon Eternity has an amazing depth for a browser and mobile game" - mmorpg "Chock full of content, including quests,…
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"Dragon Eternity has an amazing depth for a browser and mobile game" - mmorpg "Chock full of content, including quests, PvP battles and world events" - Gamezebo "Dragon Eternity is a deep, complex game that is sure to please those who have been looking for an MMORPG experience that works well with a touch interface" – Inside Social Apps "Dragon Eternity’s tale is decent and the dialogue that drives most of the plot forward is actually pretty charming" - 148apps Dragon Eternity is a free-to-play cross-platform fantasy MMORPG. Choose your Empire, become a brave warrior, get a personal pet dragon, and start making your way in this beautiful world full of danger and challenges! EXPLORE THE VAST FANTASY REALM OF ADAN - See 35+ unbelievably beautiful and diverse locations: from deserts to wildwoods, from tropical islands to mountain ravines - Visit 70+ mini locations: caves, huts, bandits’ lairs and so on - Sail the seas and join the unique PvP sea battles FIGHT YOUR WAY TO ETERNAL GLORY - Defeat your foes with weapons and magic - Change your battle style on the fly: become a berserker, a paladin or a witcher - Choose from dozens of different weapons and battle suits NEVER BE ALONE ON THE BATTLEFIELD - Train your own dragon companion and bring it into battle - Ride a giant pangolin or wolf in battle - Summon skeletars and captured creatures to help you in battle REACH AMAZING NEW HEIGHTS - Complete 1500+ interesting quests - Play 90 hidden-object and puzzle-solving mini-games - Experience 6 different types of PVP battles including unique Sea Battles
Seller:Game Insight
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Mar 27, 2013
Updated:Oct 30, 2019
Size:66.3 MB
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