DifferenToro: Find Differences

Can you easily spot the difference between two pictures? Try DifferenToro - Spot the Difference, a free brain puzzle gam…
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Can you easily spot the difference between two pictures? Try DifferenToro - Spot the Difference, a free brain puzzle game, created only for observant minds like yours! Challenge your observation skills and improve your focus by playing this new find the difference game for free! Can you handle this brain teaser game like a PRO? Find out NOW! Games like DifferenToro - Spot the Difference game are a great way to challenge your mind. It’s been proven that spotting the difference between pictures is quite an effective brain activity that can make you more observant and precise! You can even develop attention to details by playing find the difference game, which is AWESOME! Other than that, spot the difference games are a cool way to RELAX since this brain puzzle game engages your mind more subtly, so you’ll never feel tired! DIFFERENTORO - FIND DIFFERENCES GAME FEATURES: - Available in 29 languages - Choose from a variety of IMAGE CATEGORIES like nature, people, animals, cars, food, interior design, and more! - All images unlocked - Use HINTS to see the difference you’re missing - REFILL LIVES so you can continue playing - No timer, no pressure - Collect REWARDS and keep track of your ACHIEVEMENTS - Find your place in the LEADERBOARD - RELAX with soothing music and sound effects while you play - Clean design and lots of images to choose from - ZOOM in and out easily - Designed for both phone and tablet DifferenToro - Spot the Difference is more than a free BRAIN puzzle game that helps you stimulate your mind. It’s a brain teaser game that can enhance your focus, so no matter how you’ve started, you can finish this find the difference game like a PRO! Enjoy! DIFFERENTORO - FIND DIFFERENCES GAME - LEGAL INFO: - All the pictures in DifferenToro - Find Differences game are under the Public Domain or Creative Commons license, all credited inside the app itself. - DifferenToro - Find Differences game is the intellectual property of Peaksel.
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Oct 27, 2020
Updated:Dec 10, 2022
Size:153.0 MB
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