Demonrift TD

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Play this brand new breed of offline tower defense game and submerge in epic RPG journey. Battle against various mythica…
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Play this brand new breed of offline tower defense game and submerge in epic RPG journey. Battle against various mythical beast, dragons, and undead legion Defend the kingdom of Emaeron from monsters and demons! In Demonrift TD you are taking the role as Baroness Milena, commander of the empire troops. Defend your castle as you clash when a mysterious rift appears and hordes of demon and undead underlords swarm throughout the empire's vast cities. Experience this unique mix between Tower Defense and RPG strategy games. Unlike common tower defense games, the troops gain experience and become stronger as their level grows. Plan your tactics and equip your warriors and strategically build your towers around the most strategic spots in the map to defend from incoming hordes of monsters. Get your share of treasure hunts, battle loots of items and gold, and logon every day to claim FREE daily treasures and goodies. Tactics, timing and strategy are key factors in winning battles in Demonrift TD. Level Up and Upgrade your Hero and warrior’s equipment before going into battle against the demons, and submerge into this epic fantasy battle! Demonrift TD Features: * A Completely New and Unique experience of RPG and Tower Defense game balanced and mixed in a single game. * Get the whole RPG Experience like no other tower defense before, addictive treasure hunting, grinding for golds and levels, item hunting and epic boss fights! * 20 Maps with 5 handcrafted staged difficulties for each map, making a total of 100 stages to solve. * Full RPG experience with Diablo style items with hundreds of types of equipment for 5 types of defender units! * Buff up your units, Level up by replaying completed maps or use a TIME RELIC for fast level up. * Unlock more powerful units, the knight, artillery as you progress into the game, and buy equipment for them to gain more stats and get stronger! * Monsters and Mythical beasts boss fights, face off all kinds of Golems, Dragons, and Unique giant creatures. * Hundreds of hours of gameplay, packed into very fast rounds. Perfectly fits mobile games experience. "Demonrift TD - The idea of mixing RPG and tower-building strategy is not new anymore. But in this case, the developers did everything right and it turned out to be another great time killer." Join our community on Facebook! Discord Server
Seller:Menara Games
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Oct 15, 2020
Updated:Sep 08, 2022
Size:616.9 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal