Demon Nights

James Nickerson
Demon Nights: A Puzzler's Delight! Dive into the mystic realms of darkness with our thrilling iOS game - "Demon Nights"…
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Demon Nights: A Puzzler's Delight! Dive into the mystic realms of darkness with our thrilling iOS game - "Demon Nights"! Are you brave enough to face the challenge and unveil the secrets hidden behind the 4x4 magic square? The fate of 16 priests rests in your hands as you seek to identify the door that conceals the lurking demon. Dark Puzzles, Deeper Secrets: Embark on a quest of intrigue and magic as you confront the Demon Nights challenge. The shadows hold a 4x4 magic square, and your mission is to summon the mystical number 34. Every move unfolds the enigma, revealing clues that guide you to uncover the door behind which the demon lurks. Can you unravel the darkness? Decipher the Magic Square: Sharpen your wits and invoke the power of numbers to crack the 4x4 magic square. Each priest is behind a door, and only your strategic mastery will determine their fate. Will you emerge victorious as the demon slayer? Key Features: * Mystical Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Demon Nights, where shadows dance and magic whispers in the air. * Puzzle Mastery: Solve the 4x4 magic square to reveal the demon's lair and save the priests from the impending darkness. * Strategic Gameplay: Strategize and plan your moves wisely as you navigate the puzzles and make choices that impact the fate of the priests. * Epic Challenges: Confront increasingly difficult levels, unlocking the secrets of the Demon Nights with each victorious puzzle. Will You Conquer the Demon? Play Demon Nights Now! Download the game that takes you on an adventure beyond the veil of reality. Demon Nights awaits, and only the bravest will emerge victorious. Can you decipher the magic square, save the priests, and banish the demon back to the shadows? Download Demon Nights on iOS and embark on a journey of mystery, magic, and demon-slaying today!
Seller:James Nickerson
Genre:Arcade, Card, Puzzle
Release:Feb 07, 2024
Updated:Apr 12, 2024
Size:65.6 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal