Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension

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The Great Dragon War has returned to the land of Tor'gyyl in this epic Turn Based RPG game. It has fallen upon you to st…
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The Great Dragon War has returned to the land of Tor'gyyl in this epic Turn Based RPG game. It has fallen upon you to stand up to the Dragon Armies and embark on an adventurous journey to change the course of history! Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension takes the Turn based RPG games genre to the next level. Strategic turn based combat, player-based Guilds, a rich narrative and a wide range of quests, activities & locations to explore. Do you have what it takes to keep the darkness at bay? KEY FEATURES • Unique Tactical Grid-based Combat System! • Community-driven Guilds and Online PVE Quests with friends! • Freedom to quest and explore in a magical and immersive world! • Recruit and Level-up Powerful Allies & Heroes! • Gather Epic Loot and Customize your Character! • Take part in a never-ending list of Online RPG Events, Raids and Quests! ENDLESS FREEDOM In Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension, you call the shots. The Great Dragon War is filled with quests for you to complete, and you can choose to roam solo or join up with fellow Adventurers. Take part in a bountiful list of online Turn based RPG games activities - including Guild Missions, Raids & PvP battles! TACTICAL TURN BASED RPG COMBAT Defeat your foes through epic turn based RPG combat by utilizing the best strategic attacks, acquiring powerful Allies, and upgrading your arsenal of weaponry, spells & abilities. Be prepared to battle vile creatures throughout a wide range of environments, including desolate dungeons and enchanted forests! THE GREAT DRAGON ARMIES ARE HERE Delve into the war torn world of Tor’gyyl caused by the Great Dragon War and explore a rich medieval RPG universe with over nine years of lovingly crafted characters and narratives from the original game. Forge alliances and build your strength as you take the fight to the destructive Dragon Armies and their Draconic Masters! EXPLORE & COMPLETE QUESTS The great War Dragons has ravaged the country. Decide your own path through the land of Tor'gyyl and explore & quest as you see fit. Reap the rewards of progressing by unlocking new loot, skill points & treasury! ASSEMBLE YOUR OWN GUILD In Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension you can create or join your very own Guild and take part in an endless number of Missions, Raids & various activities for exclusive rewards & loot. Team up with your friends or meet new like-minded Adventurers through your travels and fight together! SUMMON POWERFUL ALLIES Progress through the game and unlock the ability to summon fierce & helpful Allies, who will assist you in your quest to triumph against the enemy. PASSIONATE ONLINE RPG COMMUNITY Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension consists of an active & devoted community. Take part in friendly world chats, visit our forums and Discord, or simply band together on the battlefield in a frequently updated selection of community events and raids!
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Updated:Nov 01, 2019
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