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We will help you, and to start we give you a small army: you will get some gladiators, hunters, miners and explorers. Ch…
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We will help you, and to start we give you a small army: you will get some gladiators, hunters, miners and explorers. Check them out at MY ARMY. They are loyal warriors, ready to fight for you and defend your name. So treat them good and make sure they always have food and elixir. Once you have met your people is time to go to the MAP. In the map you will find important things for your journey. First, you need to select a place to install your basecamp. Then is time to explore the map! You need to hunt animals to feed your army. If you don’t want to go hunting, you can always send your hunters to do the job for you. You need to explore the map to collect gold and other assets. With gold, you can evolve your army and your basecamp. You can get gold by send miners to mines or to send explorers to find chests. Check REPORTS to see what your men and women have collected in the map. If you are nearby, you can collect the gold yourself and feel the experience. Also in the map you can find shrines. Those are sacred places where you should show awe and respect: If you do that you can be rewarded by the Gods with some assets. With time you will find some special cards, and you will start showing how strong you can be. But likely to our real world, this world is not always peaceful: Other players will send gladiators to attack your basecamp. When that happens go to COMBATS and set up your defense. Trust your men to defend you dauntlessly. To have fun you should bring your friends and make new friends. You can send eagles with MESSAGES to communicate with your friends and allies. You can play in a clan and create strong alliances. You attack your enemies and those who want to harm you. Beware of beasts and other creatures that may show up… Time will come where you will be the landlord of a CASTLE And your gladiators will participate in the fight tournaments in ARENAS… Your name will be echoed and you will draw your own story.
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Updated:Oct 14, 2019
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