Crossy Heroes - Iron Fist

Cowbeans Inc.
QUICK TUTORIAL ON HOW TO PLAY You are Rambo fighter is in the center of the kross road and dangerous, angry and crazy en…
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QUICK TUTORIAL ON HOW TO PLAY You are Rambo fighter is in the center of the kross road and dangerous, angry and crazy enemies approach from the four sides. When they get to the tile next to the hero, swipe furiously in that direction to kill it with your Rambo rumble fist of FURY. If they are too far away (2 tiles away from the hero), swiping in the enemy's direction will do nothing because your fury fist can't reach; don't rush. The swipe must occur within that 1 tile next to hero. Swiping fast is the key to victory! Good Luck and rumble on! CHALLENGING, DIFFERENT This game is different, it presents a king of the hill challenge. ENDLESS FUN Defeat and eliminate endless waves of furious enemies in this rumble retro styled cartoon game. Be the Rambo of fury fighters! Don't let those crazy dangerous barbarians get you. HERO UNLOCKS A total of 10+ furious krossy heroes to use. They are unlocked when scores are met. Compete with friends to see who will unlock all heroes first by rumbling rushing enemies off the crossy road with fury power. ACHIEVEMENTS The entire world will witness the BEST of the BEST with the in game score board. Scores are live so competition is fierce. Compete with friends and foes around the globe and see who is the best in rumble. Eliminate their scores from the top. Do not be defeated fighters. How long can you tank with your fury hero? STRESS RELIEF Eliminate everything in your way. Defeat the weak, and be the quickest strongest fighter. Release the stress, anger, fury by playing this fast and easy to play game with endless waves of addicting fun. TIME KILLER A great way to eliminate time. In a bored and boring situation? Need to kill couple minutes time? Perfect time to fire up Crossy Heroes and start kicking major FURY ass! Danger awaits every play. FREE TO PLAY Totally free to play with no in app purchases, just a few ads. Try something new!
Seller:Cowbeans Inc.
Genre:Action, Arcade, Family, Simulation
Release:Feb 10, 2015
Updated:May 29, 2015
Size:61.4 MB
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