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This stunning puzzle adventure will leave you craving for more and more as you go through the stages, the addiction and …
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This stunning puzzle adventure will leave you craving for more and more as you go through the stages, the addiction and intensity to clear the stages while completing the missions is so overwhelming. Connect the falling down cookies in a correct order to make a perfect route to get that mesmerizing stage clear feelings. connect the cookies wisely to keep up with the falling pace and direction of cookies which differs for every individual stage or cookie respectively, there are number of hurdles and stunts throughout the stages to keep you surprised and focused, be ready to get bestowed with valuable diamonds, rankings and many other useful goodies. Each stage is designed meticulously with certain missions that require to be fulfilled for a perfect stage clearance, a unique touch has given to this jaw-dropping game where you can bake your favorite cookies with huge range of ingredients that can be earned upon stage clearance. Features: ▪Fascinating and unique gameplay with huge selection of stages having more being added on for the future updates, multiple difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard are designed throughout the stages to keep the gameplay as intense and enticing as possible for the wide range of public. ▪Numerous stunts and hurdles from ghost tricks to oscillating fans and hovering clouds etc, keeping you miles away from the concept of boredom and taking the gameplay experience to a whole another level. ▪Top rankings and rewards can be achieved by completing the stages, clearing all the given missions will help skyrocket your score and will also help you earn ingredients to bake cookies which will trigger your sales ranking to get higher on the list. ▪Countless bounties are waiting anxiously at the verge of the gameplay to become part of your success from login bonuses to present boxes, fortune roulette and whatnot, that pop up from time to time. variety of free items can be won through random game challenges which can help ease the gameplay to some extent. also unlocking certain levels will get you valuable freebies. ▪Cookie Route encourages logical thinking and creativity throughout the gameplay, inspiring players to compete with their friends and challengers to get on top of the ranking list. ▪Shop has some interesting and valuable deals to get you all sorted out in case you get stuck somewhere down the road and need desperate help. game can be synced through devices quite easily. Cookie Route is a free to play game with some optional in-game items that require payment. Payment feature for in-app purchases can be completely turned off in your device’s settings. By downloading this game you are agreeing to our “terms of service” We wish you the utmost fun playing Cookie Route.
Seller:digita, Inc.
Genre:Board, Puzzle
Release:Mar 23, 2020
Updated:Apr 22, 2020
Size:242.9 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal
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