Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense

Collect mighty monsters from air and land, command them in a team of 4 beasts to raid enemy towers in epic RPG battles. …
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Collect mighty monsters from air and land, command them in a team of 4 beasts to raid enemy towers in epic RPG battles. Game Features: MASTER THE ART OF BEASTS WARFARE • Assemble and balance your squad with up to 4 monsters with the tank, warrior, rogue, and mage. Lead them in the battles to raid different bases and towers. • Beast choice should consider affinity counter. Vorm counters Gaia, Gaia counters Theras, Theras counters Vorm. Haala, and Slern are each others weaknesses. Make sure your team affinity will counter enemies and bring destruction to their cities. COLLECT FANTASTIC BEASTS FROM AIR AND LAND • Collect 40 creatures with different attacks, classes, and affinities. • Enhance and customize monsters in your own way. Set the HP, ATK, and DEF points for your beasts and rank them up to unleash devastating special skills, AOE attacks, healing powers, and more as you lead them in combat. FORM YOUR IRON DEFENSE • Fortify your base with tactical combinations and the placement of defensive towers. Choose from more than 10 towers with unique effects and attacks, such as Stun targets, Cures the poison status, AOE version of Freeze…etc. • Strategic choices with different affinities allow you to come up with a broad set of defensive options. DEVELOP AND MANAGE YOUR CITY • Upgrade buildings, conduct research, enlarge your monster team, and lead your basement to prosper in this strategy game! EXPLORE IN MASSIVE CAMPAIGN MAP • Experience fantasy stories through campaign maps, as the story goes on, you can explore the epic world of RPG Strategy games consisting of different lands, from Snow Tribe to Red Axes • Challenge yourself in battles of increasing difficulty. Collect the special beast habitat in that region and use the local resource to strengthen them to the highest level. WAGE WAR IN THIS MASSIVE PVP STRATEGY ONLINE GAME • Join or create a clan with Beastmasters globally, unite to fight against other clans, chat with your allies to coordinate strategies and tactics, perform sieges, and more! • Climb the leaderboards and become the ultimate Beastmaster! Let your beast’s roar be heard by all. Download Clash of Beasts today and join millions of Beastmasters in this stunning world! Follow us to know the latest news! Discord: Facebook: Instagram:
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Jan 11, 2022
Updated:Mar 19, 2024
Size:1.3 GB
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