Caterpilly: hungry caterpillar

Olha Hrek
We’re happy to tell you a fairy tale story about a small lovely caterpillar who has a big dream. Her name is Caterpilly!…
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We’re happy to tell you a fairy tale story about a small lovely caterpillar who has a big dream. Her name is Caterpilly! She never wants to grow up and become a butterfly but wants to be a cute baby forever. She really likes her appearance and doesn’t want to become somebody else. The whole world tells her that growing up is very important and inevitably. But dreamy Caterpilly decided not to give up and go to the end! A wise hermit caterpillar told the heroine an incredible secret. If Caterpilly doesn’t want to be placed in a cocoon and to turn into a butterfly, she must eat food cooked according to special recipes. Help the heroine collect these recipes, protect her from growing up. To achieve the goal, you must collect food (colored things on the ground) in a certain sequence, aim and hit the right places. Correct recipe collection will give you coins to win new caterpillars who also dream about eternal childhood! Characteristics: 1. The game is free. Play and unlock new characters using coins received for collecting recipes only. 2. Endless game process. If you play without losing for a long time, the process of recipe collection becomes more difficult and interesting. 3. Control is really simple – just swipe right on the screen. 4. Hit the target without missing, otherwise the caterpillar will be fully placed in cocoon and you’ll have to start all over again. 5. Collect a complete collection of caterpillars. 6. Unlock special characters, each of whom has interesting secret. Hurry and discover these secrets! You can find such characters as caterpillar cat, caterpillar mollusk or even caterpillar cook in this game! 7. Unlock new locations. 8. Magical and distinctive design. 9. You can play this game without stopping all day or replace with this a bedtime story. You can also brighten up the waiting in the queue or in the subway. 10. This adventure is interesting for children and adults, for boys and girls. Everyone will find something in this story. Try the Caterpilly now! This game was made by two such dreamers as its characters. Our task – never grow up, never give up, find like-minded people and create worlds of dream. Help us to improve. Every comment and feedback is very important to us.
Seller:Olha Hrek
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Mar 23, 2020
Updated:May 10, 2020
Size:91.8 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal