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Castle Age Discover a world of mystery and adventure as you join thousands of players online in this Fantasy RPG. Af…
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Castle Age Discover a world of mystery and adventure as you join thousands of players online in this Fantasy RPG. After returning home from a long fought war you discover your hometown in smoking ruins. A group of orcs has ransacked your town and stolen the Crystal of Fire, an ancient artifact entrusted to your village for safe keeping. Begin your adventure in pursuit of these thieving orcs and unravel a demonic plot to destroy the world! Band together with your Allies and collect powerful weapons and magic. Lead an army of Knights, Elves, Wizards, and Dragons to conquer your enemies and thwart the nefarious demon Mephistopheles. FEATURES: DEFEAT EPIC MONSTERS WITH YOUR ALLIES - Join up to 200 other players and combine your skills to take down legendary monsters - Scale the real-time leaderboard and show off your accolades and let your power be known - Earn epic loot and bragging rights with each boss battle PUT YOUR HEROISM TO THE TEST IN PVP BATTLES - Engage enemy players and battle your way to becoming the mightiest in the land - Scale through 21 PVP ranks and prove your strength to the world - Recruit mighty Heroes to empower your armies to gain an edge over the competition AN ALL OUT GUILD VS GUILD WAR - Join or create a guild of up to 100 other players and collectively build the mightiest empire - Choose between 4 different strategic roles and classes in battles: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Rogue - Earn the most experience and upgrade hundreds of skills by participating in PvP battles LOSE YOURSELF AS YOU PROGRESS THROUGH AN EPIC STORY - Gain experience and level up as you quest to recover the Crystal of Fire and save the world from a demonic onslaught - Discover and equip hundreds of unique weapons and strengthen your abilities even further! ********************************* By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: *********************************
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Updated:Feb 22, 2022
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