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Compete against your pals in outrageously slow racing battles. Deploy your best slugs and slide your way to slimy triump…
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Compete against your pals in outrageously slow racing battles. Deploy your best slugs and slide your way to slimy triumph! Earn coins while you race, and you'll unlock brand-new slugs and levels, all up for grabs and ready to play! - Key Features - One-finger gameplay: to play Caracoles, all you need to do is trace a path from point A to B. We recommend using your finger... - Quirky slug squad: Each slug boasts unique traits that impact their on-track performance, such as health, max speed, endurance, vigor, and determination. To come out on top, you'll have to choose your slug wisely depending on the race level. And remember, slugs have their quirks – they can be more or less hotheaded, laid-back, melancholic, or spirited. It's all par for the course, after all, they are slugs. - Different racecourses: Each track features a distinctive level design, with various treasures, hazards, traps, bizarre creatures, and loads of surprises. You can unlock, collect, play on, and share them with whomever you please, whenever you please. - Up to 100-player multiplayer: Join daily events like tournaments and marathons. Bet on your slug or the rival slugs and cheer like a maniac! Don't forget, you can stream your game and get the crowds pumped. And you know what they say, crowds love slugs. - Career slugs: Rack up coins to unlock new slugs and levels. This way, you can customize your gaming experience and make your roster of champions truly unique and unstoppable. - Battle cry: It's pretty common for racing slugs to undergo some serious psychophysical stress. You might hear them screaming in pain, fear, and adrenaline. Have a blast personalizing your battle cries in local multiplayer matches and get your friends into a frenzy. - Caracoles promises loads of wild fun for all the family – adults and kids will literally go nuts over snail racing. - Get ready to break out of your shell
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Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:May 02, 2024
Updated:May 02, 2024
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