Button Men

Button Men is a quick-playing strategy game for one or two players where the goal is to capture …
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Button Men is a quick-playing strategy game for one or two players where the goal is to capture your opponents dice while protecting your own. What makes Button Men unique is the set of characters you choose to fight with. Each artistically rendered character has their own unique strengths and weakness adding a deep level of strategy that will leave you saying “Just one more game!”

Players choose a character and take turns capturing each other’s dice using a combination of Power, Skill, Poison and Shadow attacks:

POWER ATTACK: One of your dice of equal or greater value than one of your opponent’s dice. 

SKILL ATTACK: Several of your dice add up exactly to the value on one of your opponent’s dice. 

POISON ATTACK: Worth negative points. Force your opponent to capture it and see them lose points. If you keep your own you lose its full size in points.

SHADOW ATTACK: Capture an enemy die that is equal to or greater than your own.  

It takes a great deal of strategy as well as good luck to win a game of Button Men.

Button Men won the Origins Award for Best Abstract Board Game of 1999, and the paper version spawned dozens of expansions with hundreds of different characters. This edition includes 24 characters and special rules for Shadow Dice and Poison Dice, with expansions soon to come.


- Single Player Mode
Entertain yourself for hours. Anytime, anywhere, 24/7!

- Two Player Mode
You've got friends! Sweet! Challenge your buddies and “beat people up”.

- Standard, Poison and Shadow Dice
Three types of dice to keep the strategy flowing game after game after game.

- Original 12 “Soldier”
Play with the crew that started it all - Avis, Hammer, Bauer, Shore, Karl, Niles, Kith, Hanna, Iago, Kublai, Clare and Stark.

- 6 “Vampyres”
Angel is back, along with her pals Buddy, Starchylde, Dunkirk, McGinty and Tiffany.

- 6 New Characters
6 All new, expert level characters to challenge your skill. Do you have what it takes? Sisters Sunshine & Darkness, Lawyer-with-gun Fargo, Swashbuckler Lon, Polly the Pirate and Nova, the hottest barbarian since the 1970s!

- All New Artwork
The new artwork is fantastic and the game's overall look is polished and clean. Check out the new Avis!


“Genius. Button Men is a perfect balance of skill and chance, with endless strategies to choose from.” - ThirdIdea

“Well executed and faithful to the excellent 'manual' version.” - jgarbers1

“Fantastic implementation of the dice game. The graphics are nice, it plays at the right speed, and it's not as nerdy as cracking out actual buttons and polyhedral dice.” - junkurchin

“Good stuff! Reminds me of some dice games I played back in high school. Graphics are some of the best I've seen for a iPhone game.” - ocragi1

“After only a few minutes with this game I was hooked. This is a great unique dice game that is a definite page one app for me. Very entertaining and a must own.” - ChronoGear

“Like all James Ernest's award-winning game designs, simple and quick mechanics lure you into hours of strategy, as you work through the interactions and find hidden depths.” - Fabozz
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