Boom Battlefield

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Defend, defend and BOOM THE BATTLEFIELD! Are you ready for the rising duty when the world is at war and the realm is at …
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Defend, defend and BOOM THE BATTLEFIELD! Are you ready for the rising duty when the world is at war and the realm is at risk? Travel to the realm of guns and boom! The iconic tower defense genre is now reborn. Tired of same old defense mechanic in other tower defense games? The makers of Caravan War bring you another best free multiplayer tower defense game with brand new epic towers, powerful heroes and countless upgrades without waiting time. Collect and level up mighty defense towers to boom the enemy troops, steal the gold and protect the realm in the greatest warfare since World War II. Command your hero and tower army and rush them to the ultimate victory in the best mobile Tower Defense game! Crush real-time worldwide players with a unique strategy to boom the beach, the valley, the land, and the battlefield in your target regions. Set in an alternate postwar world, Boom Battlefield is an age of brutality. The discovery of synchronizing organic and bionic mechanism in 1940 was the beginning of the Great Conflict. The realm of peace collapsed and the Free States rise. Despite the peace treaty at the end of 1943, plasma boom, cyborg, army-graded droid are the common things of this world at war. Every powerhouse in the world at war craves for precious material to synchronize human and machine and enhancing production boom. But to achieve this goal, any Free State has to trade for money - the true master of the realm. Invite your friends and join forces in one of the most unique tower defense games: - An authentic global tower defense game with million real-time defenders around the world. - An epic realm in your hand to build, upgrade and rule the chaotic world at war. - Unlock legendary towers and heroes including robot, android, cyborg and other futuristic military technology. - Deploy your troops anywhere on the battlefield and BOOM! shock the enemies. - Be an ingenious commander with different strategies for solo campaigns or online PvP battle. - Prove yourself like a boom in the world at war, establish a strong alliance in this realm of chaos to enjoy more challenging activities. The strongest ones get to decide their fate. Will you be one of the greatest field runners or just a creeps to fortify the tower defense and bring harmony to the world at war? Join us now!
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Release:Oct 23, 2019
Updated:Apr 28, 2020
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