We have recieved the report that Bluetooth Match may not work with certain dev…
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We have recieved the report that Bluetooth Match may not work with certain devices.
We are currently investigating the issue, and please wait for the update.
Thank you for your patience.
(Oct. 26th, 2011)

■Bomberman Touch 2 version 2.1 is now available!

**Please note that the network battle is unavailable with first generation iPod touch that has no BluetoothR function.
*Network play by Bluetooth is only available between players who have the same version.

Play head to head or co-op via BluetoothR connectivity!

More maps and more stages set in an expansive underground maze make it
possible for head to head battles or co-op gameplay via BluetoothR!

In-depth single player mode lets you hone your Bomberman skills in between multiplayer matches!

■Battle Mode
Battle with up to 4 competitors (2 computer opponents) in explosive maps in the Bomberman style.
Random appearances by the "Tough Bomberman" lead to unexpectedly crazy sessions!

■Challenge Mode
Play alone, or team up with a friend to escape volcanic lava and reach the boss at the end of the maze!
Bomberman Touch 2 Volcano Party brings the multiplayer Bomberman experience to the iPhone/iPod touch!
New modes, new maps, new gimmicks, and multiplayer provide an amazing update to the original Bomberman Touch!

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