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Tapinator, Inc.
* The #1 Blackjack Game in the App Store! * * Play 21, with Authentic Casino Rules, Real Card Shuffling & Top Casino Pay…
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* The #1 Blackjack Game in the App Store! * * Play 21, with Authentic Casino Rules, Real Card Shuffling & Top Casino Payouts * Blackjack Classic features your favorite blackjack casino game with the full Las Vegas experience. Real casino rules will let you train your skills before your next trip to Vegas, Monaco, Atlantic City, or Macau! With options for DOUBLE DOWN, INSURANCE, SURRENDER, and SPLIT, Blackjack Classic is a must download for any casino patron! Download for FREE and feel the thrill of winning BIG against the house! “I’ve played casino blackjack machines for decades but couldn’t find an authentic experience on mobile! I can now play on the go and prepare for my next trip to Reno” – B. Sharp, casino video blackjack player === Features === * FREE to play with FREE Credits every four hours * Just like Vegas Video Blackjack– REAL shuffling, REAL rules, REAL dealing * Top casino payouts * Advanced strategy options including splitting, and doubling down * Insurance to dodge a dealer blackjack * Surrender to get out of a tough situation * Authentic ambient, dealing, and winning sound effects * Offline support – play anytime, anywhere * Need more credits? Bigger coin pack bonuses than any other game * High-res graphics are optimized for both phones and tablets === Authentic Rules === * Dealer stands on hard 17 or above. * Dealer hits on soft 17 or less. * Player wins on 6 cards totaling 21 or less, except against blackjack. * Blackjack pays 5 for 2. Half credits won on odd credit bets are not paid. * Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an ace. * Insurance wager equals half of original bet—Odd credit bets round down. * Insurance wager pays 3 for 1 on dealer blackjack. * Minimum bet for insurance is 2 credits. * Surrender is offered on first 2 cards unless dealer shows an ace. * Surrender pays up to half of original bet per hand—Odd credit bets round down. * Minimum bet for surrender is 2 credits. * Double down offered when first 2 cards total 10 or 11. * Double down wager equals original bet. * Split is offered when first 2 cards are a pair. * Split aces are dealt 1 card to each hand. * Split wager equals original bet. * Double down after split allowed only on first 2 cards. * All other wins pay 2 for 1 for each hand. * Bet returned on all pushes. * Game uses one 52 card deck. More coming soon - new updates as we listen to your feedback and add content! GET the #1 Blackjack Game in the App Store and start playing NOW!
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Release:May 22, 2016
Updated:Jun 02, 2016
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