Ball Bouncer: Infinite Climber

M Coto
Looking for a physics-based challenge? Meet Ball Bouncer, a physics-based vertical climber with unique controls and an …
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Looking for a physics-based challenge? Meet Ball Bouncer, a physics-based vertical climber with unique controls and an a challenging infinite gameplay. Try a new unique control scheme: swipe your finger in the direction where you want a ball to throw itself and make it bounce in such a way that it dodges all sorts of crazy obstacles, from trap-doors and guns to black holes and teleporters. Everything wrapped inside a colorful minimalistic style. Rise higher to earn the best score and collect stars to exchange for skins. The slightest mistake though and it’s game over! Ball Bouncer is an unique gaming experience due to its unique controls, minimalist style and physics centric gameplay. These are some of the main features that make up for the game: ◆100 %physics-based gameplay. Crash through glasses, bounce off walls and obstacles, get pulled by black holes or pushed by explosions. Ball Bouncer uses realistic physics engine for the bouncing of the ball and all of the obstacles in the game. ◆ Procedural levels. With random level generation there are no two playthroughs alike. Every level is new and increasingly more challenging. Climb (or bounce) to the top of the leaderboards. ◆ Thousands of skins combinations. Play well enough to earn stars and use those to unlock different skins. Make your own skin by combining different types of ball, trails and game theme colors. ◆ Minimalistic style. Game graphics feature a minimalist and geometric style that help you concentrate on the gameplay. Soft colors and movement-triggered trails enhance the visual experience. ◆ Insanely addictive. The main purpose in Ball Bouncer is to climb as high as possible and earn your place amongst the online leaderboards. Frustratingly-addictive gaming experience. ◆ Leaderboards. Bounce your way to the top of the international leaderboard, compete with your friends to see who is the best. So in short, Ball Bouncer is a procedurally generated, physics-based, infinite climber for mobile and tablet. It features insane obstacles and a very unique control scheme. The graphics have a colorful and stylish minimalistic look. Help us improve!!!! Remember to rate Ball Bouncer and feel free to leave us a comment with any suggestion you may have.
Seller:M Coto
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Dec 06, 2017
Updated:Jan 09, 2018
Size:92.9 MB
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