Asher Roth - Do Something Crazy

Asher Roth wants you to party with him! Asher's new app let's you "Do Something Crazy" like his hit single &qu…
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Asher Roth wants you to party with him! Asher's new app let's you "Do Something Crazy" like his hit single "I Love College" and play one of his favorite games "What's the Difference" along with many other sweet features!

EpicTilt, the creators of the iPhone Mega-hit Be Like Lil Wayne have released the first iPhone game from Asher Roth, in partnership with Universal Motown Records and SRC. In doing so EpicTilt and UMG have created the first truly immersive artist experience on the iPhone.

"Do Something Crazy" from Asher Roth is a truly authentic artist experience. You can play his favorite bar game, "What's the Diff", you can take party pictures and choose from a wide range of frat-party items to make a crazy mess!

Play the What's the Diff game where you find the differences in tons of photos of Asher and his friends having a blast.

Yet another option is from your iPhone users can choose pictures from their photo library or take pictures from within the application itself to start the "Do Something Crazy" ride. From there, Asher equips you with a vast array of party items from beer cups to spilled cereal and maple syrup to spice up your party scenes and share with your friends!

Instructions: You can stretch out any of the objects using multi-touch to fit the size of the picture. Nothing is too small, simply stretch the crazy party items out to fit your size!

You can even add Asher Roth himself or Asher Roth tattoos into your pictures and share with the rest of the world by email or by showing it off in the 'Do Something Crazy User Gallery'!

For the first time, you can drunk dial Asher Roth directly from your iPhone in between games of What's the Diff!

Works on both the iPhone and iPod Touch!
Genre:Music, Puzzle
Release:Apr 20, 2009
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