Art Inc. 2: Idle Museum

Step into the fascinating world of art and history with Art Inc 2! As the Buffalo Museum’s Director, it’s your mission t…
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Step into the fascinating world of art and history with Art Inc 2! As the Buffalo Museum’s Director, it’s your mission to shape the growth and development of your establishment. This idle game allows you to dive deep into the experience of running a museum and collecting artifacts from all over the world while you enjoy a full-length story filled with plot twists and surprises. Join Wilfred, Olive and Sherman Jones as they uncover the hidden mysteries behind each museum! Find out what your predecessor Warren Buffalo wanted you to know before he was poisoned - the dark secret of the Magic Paintbrush! ART INC 2 FEATURES: - Show off Custom Exhibits: Showcase your collection of paintings, sculptures, and historical items from various periods and cultures. - New Story Chapters: Uncover the secret behind a never-before-seen museum mystery! Find out what's hiding under your giant art collection... - Hundreds of Diverse Artifacts: From the Aztecs to the Flemish, from the fantastical to real life! We’ve got a vast variety of art - all the most famous pieces of history ready for collecting! - Earn Thousands of Millions: You can make tons of money in this idle art collection game by collecting various currencies around the world! Don't eat the rich, BE the rich! - Manage Museum Operations: Make sure your caretakers are well-trained, your facilities are top-notch, and your visitors are satisfied! They'll be wowed by your collection of rare artifacts! - Fun Visitor Interactions: Engage with a wide range of visitors, each with unique tastes and history. Use this information to increase your museum’s popularity and attract more visitors! - Musical Tapping: Tap your megaphone and play classical music! Tapping in an idle collection game has never been this fun. Try collecting all of the songs! - New and Improved: Were you a fan of the original Art Inc game? Expect much more from this idle clicker game - there’s LOTS of new content! But don’t be scared if you haven’t played the first game - no prior knowledge is needed to play Art Inc 2. - Special Events: Host exhibits in various countries around the world to attract VIP visitors and boost your museum’s reputation! Go to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Atlantis and more! Experience the joy of bringing history and culture to life in Art Inc 2 - whether you're a fan of idle simulation collection games, a history buff, or an art enthusiast, this game offers an engaging blend of strategy and fun that's sure to captivate you. Download Art Inc 2 now and start collecting artwork to build the world famous art museum of your dreams! Support Are you having problems? Email us at [email protected] or contact us in game by going to Settings> Email Us Privacy Policy:
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Jun 26, 2024
Updated:Jul 15, 2024
Size:528.9 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal