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A Thousand Worlds to Play In Discover a lifetime of gaming, the ultimate retro gaming experience with Antstream Arcade.…
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A Thousand Worlds to Play In Discover a lifetime of gaming, the ultimate retro gaming experience with Antstream Arcade. Dive into a vast collection of over 1300 classic games, with new titles added every week. Travel through countless genres and eras, from arcade legends to cherished console classics, all streamed directly to your phone or tablet without messing around with ROMs or emulators. Unique Features: - Weekly Global Tournaments: Compete against players from around the world in exciting tournaments that test your skills and elevate your gaming experience. - Mini-Game Challenges: Enjoy over 600 mini-game challenges, with new challenges introduced every week to earn new achievements and discover more games. - Giant Slayer: Prove your gaming prowess by taking down high scores and conquering the toughest challenges from the community for ultimate bragging rights. - Player Challenges: Challenge other players and friends directly at high scores for casual competitive fun wherever they may be. - Couch Co-Op Gameplay: Relive the nostalgia of local multiplayer with couch co-op gameplay, bringing friends and family together. - Antstream Arcade offers the convenience of cloud game saves, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. Experience the magic of retro gaming with the ease and power of modern streaming technology. - Embark on a journey through a thousand worlds of gaming adventure with Antstream Arcade today! - Antstream supports wired and bluetooth controllers compatible with the iPhone and iPad such as the Backbone or Playstation controller. IMPORTANT: Antstream Arcade is a cloud streaming service available as a subscription service. Player experience may vary depending on the stability and speed of your internet connection. Games may sometimes leave the platform while new games are regularly added. For more support please contact us: To keep up to date with the Antstream games catalogue and new features and events please visit our discord EULA:
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Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jun 27, 2024
Updated:Jul 03, 2024
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