Alive4ever mini: Zombie Party

Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited
Hear some great feedback from the media about the game: “Alive4ever mini bursts of violence are entertaining and enjoya…
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Hear some great feedback from the media about the game: “Alive4ever mini bursts of violence are entertaining and enjoyable.” - Pocket Gamer “As a sequel to a great zombie shooter series, and as a new dual-stick shooter, Alive4ever mini doesn't disappoint.” - App Advice “Its fun in quick bursts, and the sticky sweet chibi monster visuals are interesting.” - Slide to Play -------------------------------- Feel the great excitement and enjoyment of eradicating loads of zombies with this fast-paced and thrilling dual-sticks shooter. Pick from dozen of weapons and battle against the human-eating undead. From the creator of the highly-acclaimed Alive 4-ever and Alive 4-ever RETURNS, Meridian is bringing a new style to the series' amazing zombie killing action. Our hero, Leo, finds his home is in wreck and his prestigious limited-edition baseball card is taken by zombies. In order to get back his prized collection, Leo gathers his partners from Team MAAT (Military Assault And Tactics) to travel around the world to destroy the undead and reclaim his treasure (seriously!? Just for a card?). However, human zombies are not the only threat to Leo and his team, numerous animals such as dogs, penguins, pandas, rabbits and pigs have also became zombies to cause havoc and terrify the living. “I need to get my card back at all cost!” --- Leo (apparently saving the world is not part of his concern...) Alive4ever mini features all new stunning visuals and awesomely fun gameplay. The top-down view is now replaced with an isometric view, the stages have become larger, and the zombie hunting is as bloody and gory as ever. Full Version Features: - 20 TYPES OF ZOMBIES TO HUNT AND DESTROY Gun down zombie dogs. Cut zombie penguins into pieces. Blow up creepy zombie clowns. - 12 UNIQUE AND DEVASTATING WEAPONS Kill the walking dead with your Laser Rifle, Chainsaw, Homing Missiles, Chain-Lightning Gun, Shotgun, and more... - STYLISH ANIMATION WITH TONS OF BLOOD AND GORE Put an end to the zombie havoc and stop them from haunting the living. - 4 HEROES TO PLAY AS. EACH WITH THEIR OWN EXCLUSIVE SKILLS Add a spin the the carnage by using skills such as hyper speed firing or time freeze! - GIGANTIC BOSSES TO BATTLE Feel the excitement in adrenaline-pumping boss fights. - 30+ MAPS IN 10 THEMED LOCATIONS You will find zombies crawling in skyscraper, forest, factory, beach, and even underwater. - EXCITING STORY MODE AND SURVIVAL MODE - RETINA DISPLAY SUPPORT - GAME CENTER INTEGRATION Try out 10 stages for FREE, and if you really liked the game you can then upgrade it to the full version to enjoy the complete zombie experience! Multiplayer mode is in the works and will be coming soon!!! Follow Meridian on twitter: Like our Alive4ever Facebook page: Meridian Channel on YouTube:
Seller:Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 17, 2012
Updated:Aug 16, 2012
Size:47.5 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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