Adventures in Dreamland

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[Introduction] "Adventures in dreamland" is a very interesting puzzle game, players need to help pixie dream to find the…
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[Introduction] "Adventures in dreamland" is a very interesting puzzle game, players need to help pixie dream to find the right path, and then look for those who have broken the fairy tale, when collect story fragments and fairy tale characters, can be spliced together, when the familiar story spreads in front of you, you will find that fairy tales are deceptive. [Gameplay] Click the screen one key operation, in the beautiful fairy tale scene, through their own efforts, in the company of the fairy dream, crack the rich mechanism path, collect items, the story fragments and fairy tale characters into colorful fairy tale story, Complete the fairy tale dream journey. [Game features] - Beautiful fantasy fairy tale world The game is based on famous fairy tales around the world and has been adapted in an interesting way. The familiar stories of Snow White, sleeping beauty and Aladdin will be unlocked during the game. The background of the game is also very diverse, vines castle, flowers cliff, with a soothing and warm background music, each scene is like a beautiful picture. - Relaxed and comfortable leisure play The game adopts a one-key operation mode, which can be easily used. By moving the game board, the dream elves can reach the end point to get the story fragments and fairy tale characters. Hundreds of items and super shapes are waiting to be unlocked in the level. Subversive dark fairy tale theater Fairy tales are developed from the dark fairy tales, in full of the feelings of the beautiful world, the game will be presented for you to the dark fairy tale theater, the birth of fairy tales to pay tribute to the history. -Jigsaw puzzle, set card, plot various ways to play In the delicate and slow game rhythm, clearance of increasingly difficult levels, and then through the way of puzzle lock clearance to get the pieces, to collect the pieces to unlock the characters and fairy tale plot, interlocking, how to choose, you decide. [Player comments] - The game's screen is great, each turn on the time will have the classic fairy tale content brief introduction will also have the related famous people quote, it is easy to let the player think of the fairy tale once seen, this setting is very good. Kill time puzzle game, combined with push box and collection in one, as a collection of game fans to meet the first dark fairy tale, casual laugh out. - The game is mainly a moving puzzle, the use of geometry has a very similar to the valley of monument, the setting is very simple, because there are many empty, the path is not complicated. Children can also play ~ [Contact us] [email protected] WeChat public number: gravity Official QQ group: 602598295
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Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:May 31, 2017
Updated:Apr 16, 2020
Size:272.3 MB
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