Adventure Gnome

Download the most frantic FREE action puzzle game out there! Jewel won’t regret it! Help Rolf rebuild his garden in th…
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Download the most frantic FREE action puzzle game out there! Jewel won’t regret it! Help Rolf rebuild his garden in this crazy, action-based puzzle adventure game! See how low you can go as you tap the way clear for the most adventurous gnome around! Collect numerous nuggets, jumbles of gems, and the most happenin’ gnome outfits as you clear the way for Rolf! Avoid traps and guide Rolf to the good stuff! Dig, roll, collect, repeat! The garden will gnever be the same! STORY Rolf Digstrom, a professional garden gnome and all around cool dude, was just chillin’ in his rad garden when BAM!!! A rampaging ice cream truck plowed through his herbaceous habitat and laid it to waste! Good thing the old gnome Pickin’ Pete has a plan! He gnows just where to get the sweet loot to rebuild the garden! It’s up to Rolf to dig deep into the sacred gnome mine and find the funds to rebuild his perennial paradise, his blossomy back yard, his flowery fun place! OK, now we’re really digging… sorry about that. Unlock loads of awesome outfits and see how low you can go in this light-hearted, easy-to-play game for your mobile device! TAP TO CLEAR THE WAY, SIMPLE PLAY! Tap the rocks in the mine to clear the way for Rolf… it’s that simple! Keep Rolf’s momentum up and tap open as many treasure chests as you can along the way! HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Blast the way clear with hidden bombs, avoid poisonous gas, bounce off batches of fungi and become a really fun guy! OK… that was low. See how low you can go to get the top score! Collect clocks to add to you timer because when time is up, Rolf turns back into a statue! How deep you dig and how much moolah Rolf collects gives you your final score! HELP ROLF FIND GOLD AND COLLECT OUTFITS! Gnarly nuggets, brilliant baubles, and cool coins… grab them all and spend your hard-earned riches on cool new outfits for Rolf! Pink Bunny Pajamas, Disco Leisure Suits, Kitty Cat Costumes and more! IT’S FREE TO PLAY CHECK IT OUT… Adventure Gnome is a free-to-play game! You can download it for free and even play as long as you want without giving Rolf a dime, but some items or features in the game may be purchased for real money! Make sure to turn off in-app purchases in your device level settings to prevent this. WEBSITES AND SOCIAL Read Rolf’s latest private-time thoughts on Twitter @AdventureGnome See every major life event in Rolf’s past at Check out every meal Rolf has ever eaten on Instagram @AdventureGnomeGame Read Rolf’s resume at ©2018 D3 Go!
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Mar 22, 2018
Updated:Jan 30, 2019
Size:308.3 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal