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60M downloads AbyssRium is back! Enjoy AbyssRium Match with doubled excitement and tripled cuteness! Dive into the rela…
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60M downloads AbyssRium is back! Enjoy AbyssRium Match with doubled excitement and tripled cuteness! Dive into the relaxing story of the underwater world, with adorable fish friends. The second chapter of AbyssRium, full of eye-catching relaxing moments Embark on your own relaxing puzzle adventure in AbyssRium Match! Dive into the Relaxing Match-3 Puzzle Adventure of the Depths - Dash of emotion, spoonful of calmness! Match-3 puzzle game to suit your taste. - Endless surprises and rewards throughout match-3 puzzle stages. - Collect coins, rewards, and more to decorate your aquarium! - Join competitions, open treasure chests to win coins, boosters, and power-ups! Fun Mini Games in the Aquatic World - Daily surprises and loads of fun waiting for you in the aquatic world. - Blow away everyday stress and relax with unique fun in the coral reef arcade! - You don't wanna miss out rewards in-between mini games. - Surprises and challenges on the way! Jump into the match-3 adventure and play now! Relaxing Aquarium filled with your own Taste! - Create your own peaceful underwater aquarium, just for you! - Invite cute fish friends, and leave memories with giant whales. - Restful moments filled with beauty of the underwater and diverse, adorable sea creatures. - Find peace, relieve stress, and relax in your own space with beautiful and calming music. Grow your Aquarium, Relieve Stress! - Adore Coral reefs! They're growing up right before your eyes! - Play match-3 puzzle game, grow coral reefs with your own taste and make your aquarium diverse with AbyssRium! - Unlock match-3 levels and invite cute fish friends into your peaceful relaxing aquarium. - Gain more rewards between levels, decorate your aquarium, and RELAX! Relax and Rest in the Peaceful AbyssRium Match World! - Eye-catching scenery and enchanting melodies throughout the gameplay - Charm of cute fish and animals swimming in the depths will warm your heart! - Start your day AbyssRium, fill your day with peace and calmness. - Cute fish friends, beautiful whales, and beloved animals swimming in calm & relaxing aquarium! - New themes and animals on the way! End your exhausting day with exciting match-3 puzzle game!
Seller:Wemade Play Co.,Ltd.
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Jan 23, 2024
Updated:Feb 20, 2024
Size:264.4 MB
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