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Race 4x4 JAM the most unique all-terrain off-road racing game you could ever see on iPhone and iTouch - but don't take e…
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Race 4x4 JAM the most unique all-terrain off-road racing game you could ever see on iPhone and iTouch - but don't take every turn seriously.
Feel free to jump over your opponent or roll down a steep hill. There are no rules and no boundaries, racing goes for pure fun.
Find yourself behind the wheels of off-road vehicles with realistic and the most enjoyable tilted or tapped game control. The realistic physics system of JAM put a smile upon your face.

Don't look for boundaries like in other racing games, 4x4 jam doesn't limit the area. You can really drive as far as you wish!
The game offers 100% total freedom to race across the varied terrains without any limitations.
Listen to 9 licensed rock tracks during the intense races.
Challenge your opponents on icy mountains or hot sand dunes and experience the excitement of hill climbing with custom build off-road vehicles.

LITE version contains Jam mode:
High-speed dash to race through a series of gates placed randomly on the terrain.
A marker constantly indicates the most direct route between the vehicle and the next gate.
Be the first to pass a gate and earn more points in more difficult modes.


What people say:
- 4x4 Jam is one of the 50 best iPhone and iPod Touch games out to date. / AppGamer.net
- 4x4 Jam is awarded with Best of 2009 BRONZE AWARD by PocketGamer
- 4x4 Jam is awarded with HOTTEST award by iPhoneAppsPlus.com
- 4x4 Jam is in the Top100 at AppStore/Games
- 4x4 Jam is #7 in Racing / US AppStore
- 4x4 Jam is in the "Hot" / US AppStore
- 4x4 Jam is in the "New and Noteworthy" / US AppStore
- 4x4 Jam is in the "Best Dirt Racing Games" / US AppStore

Amazing Physics Equals an Amazing Game... it sure does have the graphics and the physics at the top.

Off-road racer fans will find 4×4 Jam to deliver a highly enjoyable (and unique) game experience.
(Touch Arcade)

A highly proficient racer that will keep petrol-heads entertained.

4x4 Jam is an excellent concept with fun and challenging racing action

Fun experience that’s definitely worth the price. {Very Good}

- Career Mode with 32 unique events
- 8 vehicles all with different characteristics
- 8 tracks from icy mountains through sand-dunes and deserts
- 9 licensed soundtracks
- 5 gamemodes
- and many more

- no limits on- and off-road
- high detailed 3D graphics
- career mode and quick races
- real but enjoyable physics
- realistic off-road vehicle characteristics
- various difficulty levels
- high score and best lap time records
- several gamemodes
- vast terrains without boundaries
- 4 full 3D vehicles on screen
- unique paint jobs
- fanciful grass and tree rendering
- intelligent opponents
- environment mapping
- 9 licensed music tracks
... and many more

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Genre:Action, Racing, Simulation
Release:Sep 18, 2009
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal