Zombwich is a modern member of the tafl family of board games, which hail from ancient viking times, and were played acr…
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Zombwich is a modern member of the tafl family of board games, which hail from ancient viking times, and were played across the world, by peasant and king alike for hundreds of years.

Take to the streets in Zombwich, and discover a new realm of strategy and tactics with amazing depth, yet simple elegance.

Play as the police in their quest to ensure the safe escape of the Mayor, or as the fearsome zombies driven by an everlasting hunger for flesh.

Refine your skills against the computer, or challenge your friends to a game locally.

Ready to show your skills off to the world? Play up to ten online games at once, challenging existing friends or find random opponents to play against via our automatic match making.

Never worry about network disconnects, or interruptions; all Zombwich games are stored remotely and securely on Open Feint servers, and can be resumed on any device with a simple touch of your finger.

Real time notifications conveniently keep you up to date on the status of your games, even when your device is asleep.

======================================== Zombwich Features ========================================
- Play Zombwich online against a friend or discover new opponents through our automatic match making functionality.
- Receive automatic notifications when challenged to a new game, or when a game becomes your turn even with your device asleep.
- Experience true mobile online gaming as you are seamlessly able to play on the go, resuming your match, and playing your turns on the schedule you desire, without fear of interruptions ruining your game.
- Compete against the world on our global leader boards.
- Unlock achievements through your mastery of tactics and strategy.
- Listen to your iTunes library while you play.
- Open Feint integration. Join the millions of existing players on Open Feint, discover new games, connect with friends through your existing Twitter or Facebook account, view leaderboards, unlock game achievements, and much more.
- Unlock achievements, and compete on the online leader boards to be the top rated checkers player.
Genre:Board, Strategy
Release:Nov 08, 2010
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