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    Zombik Rescue has finally arrived and it's a stunner!

    In the mood for some super cool zombie runner? Zombik Rescue is now live on the AppStore. Universal and only $0.99 – download now!


    Kynitex proudly presents its awesome NEW title featuring the undead super hero Zombik.

    Experience a different zombie story about rescuing but not killing! You play as Zombik, a poor nerdy who was so unlucky to turn into a zombie in the Crazy Professor’s lab. Now you’re running on a dangerous mission to get the ingredients for a magic potion that will make you a human being again. On his run Zombik faces plenty of over the top traps and lots of mean looking sharp things just waiting to impale, crush, slice, dice, and smash him! To say nothing of monstrous enemies with scary weapons attacking suddenly.
    The controls are simple. You tilt the device left and right to steer Zombik down his dangerous path to freedom, tapping the screen to jump and/or use weapons he collects on his way (or previously exchanged for brains. By leaning your device backwards or towards you speed up or slow down Zombik’s run.

    Key Features
    • Insane action;
    • Amazing artwork;
    • Authentic music;
    • PLAY FREE BEFORE YOU BUY: try 5 free awesome levels so you can be sure you like the game - download Zombik Rescue Lite;
    • 3 complexity modes;
    • 30 levels of different worlds for each mode;
    • Various mean traps and scary enemies on Zombik’s run;
    • Time limit for each level.

    Please rate and comment us – we want to know what YOU think of the game!

    Check out Zombik Rescue video trailer right away!
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    Ummm...how is this "FREE BEFORE YOU BUY" when it has a $0.99 price-tag on it? :p
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