Monkey Prism
▪ “This isn’t just another zombie game.” – 148 Apps ▪ “…a blast, and the game has a great sense of humor to boot.” – Tou…
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▪ “This isn’t just another zombie game.” – 148 Apps ▪ “…a blast, and the game has a great sense of humor to boot.” – TouchMyApps ▪ “Learn or die.” – SlideToPlay The world's got a bad case of the zombies! Use your word skills to help Jebediah Moses save the world from the undead! Planet Earth is a ruin, and ex-gunslinger Jebediah Moses has to take action after the undead hordes finally overrun his kitchen. The only problem is this - he needs you to help him get bullets in his gun! Hone your anagram skills as you help Jebediah stock up on ammo and survive the seemingly endless hordes. Travel with ol' Jebediah as he unlocks new worlds on his quest to rid the world of the zombies. Play your words right and he might even bestow some of his gruff wisdom from the school of hard knocks - careful, he's as quick with his words as he is with his bowie knife! How far will you and Jebediah have to go to prevent all the world's brains from being eaten?! Key Features: ★ Loaded with interactive/immersive audio that responds to gameplay. ★ Tons of different zombies! ★ 40 levels of play in multiple environments!…(or is there more?) ★ Competitive multiplayer action through Game Center! ★ Leaderboards for multiple achievements. ★ Facebook integration. Prove your zombie-killing word prowess to the world! ★ The most addicting anagram game you're going to play! ★ Features music by Seattle band Uncle Roman's Jetboat. "Allright ya'll, we've got a job to do. Them zombies have taken over and I'm sick 'n tired of 'em stompin' on my petunias. Between yer brain and my trigger finger, we can lick this!" - Jebediah Moses, retired gunfighter & green thumb. PLEASE NOTE: First 5 levels are free to play (including with multiplayer!) - the rest of the journey can be unlocked through one a one-time $ 0.99 in-app purchase.
Seller:Monkey Prism
Genre:Puzzle, Word
Release:Jul 05, 2012
Updated:Aug 28, 2012
Size:146.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal