Zombie Shooter: Dead Frontier

Sigma Team
Battle against huge hordes of infected zombies as you fight your way to safety using an arsenal of brain blasting weapon…
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Battle against huge hordes of infected zombies as you fight your way to safety using an arsenal of brain blasting weaponry. Unlock and upgrade your guns and gear to become the ultimate zombie killing machine and save humanity from total annihilation! --------------------------------------------------- ZOMBIE SHOOTER – HIGHLIGHTS --------------------------------------------------- - Defeat the dead using a huge arsenal of weapons – from assault rifles to plasma guns! - Lots of boosters and gear including grenades, nanobots, armor, implants and more - It’s zombie carnage! Up to 100 zombies on screen at a time! - Earn money by killing zombies - spend it on upgrading your character and gear - Immerse yourself in the storyline & discover the mystery behind the infection - Huge global map with lots of missions and tasks - 3 exciting game modes – Campaign, Survival and Gun Stand - Earn EXP to upgrade your character and skills - Reactive music adapts to the situation to drive up the intensity ZOMBIE KILLING CARNAGE! Get the true feeling of being in a zombie apocalypse when you play Zombie Shooter. Lock and load as huge hordes of zombies attack you – up to 100 zombies can be on screen at any time, with around 1000 zombies in each level! Watch your bullets spray as you mow down waves of the undead to on your way to the evacuation center. UPGRADE YOUR GUNS & GEAR Earn money the only way you know how – by killing the undead! Spend your hard earned money on purchasing new weapons of carnage. From assault rifles to plasma guns and everything in between, you’ll be able to purchase and upgrade a variety of guns. There’s also plenty of other gear to help you on your mission including nanobots, armor, implants, medical kits, grenades and more! IN-DEPTH GAME STORY As well as enjoying the blood, guns and mayhem of the outbreak, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the rich, story-driven gameplay. Discover why the zombie infection started, how it spread and most importantly… who caused it. As you search for answers you may discover things that make you wish you had never started! FIGHT AGAINST THE ZOMBIE OUTBREAK. SAVE HUMANITY. DOWNLOAD TODAY!
Seller:Sigma Team
Genre:Action, Arcade, Role Playing
Release:Dec 17, 2014
Updated:Jan 22, 2019
Size:256.4 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal