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    Aug 14, 2012
    This is a kind of game that people may be addicted to it. The rule is very simple. The scene is delicate with the bright colors and its rich in the content. Beside the free operate manner as its best feature, it also has a pleasing visual look. The theme has become more wonderful after being redesigned, so it impresses the players who will lose themselves when they play it the first time.
    In a secret unclear power station, the nuclear radiation leaks out that it has polluted the river seriously with the result of the gene mutation of the fish. The mutated fish begin to attack human beings. The time of striking back is coming, ARE YOU READY? You will be faced with a series of challenges and you still have the confidence? Touching any position will lead to the chain explodes to wipe out the mutated fish. YouÂ’d better make the chain explode reach its maximum scales so that you can probably get higher points from which you can get more fish bone and buy and upgrade the skill balls. In the game, you can enjoy the spectacular special effects the skill balls make. They can produce instantly a large numbers of flash balls that you can make continuous hits, big swirls, the skill balls with which can launch the tracking missiles, the frost balls that can lead to the glacier explode. You can buy all of those above with the fish bone in the game. This greatly increases enjoyment and competitive power.

    How to play?

    Pay more attention to the time and seize the opportunity and click anywhere on the screen, there will be a chain reaction between the fish, when you wipe out enough amount, you will pass the barrier.
    Buy the skill balls; they will produce stronger power and help to pass the barrier easily.
    The degree of difficulty will have a sharp rise. Different levels of fishes will appears and you must continuously upgrade your skill.


    Various settings and pleasing visual effects;
    Classical barrier mode 60 barriers/ the survival mode with gravity induction;
    Spectacular special skills;
    Various interesting sounds;
    Publishing the high score on the Game Center and Sina is available;
    Easy and simple operation can make the player relax themselves completely;

    What are you waiting for? Come to enjoy this exciting feeling. Try your luck and show your paces.

    Online time:August 16, 2012

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