Zombie Arcade

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[We have reviewed the crash data but are as yet unable to reproduce the crash (seems to only happen on 2nd Gen iPod and iPhones) - Stormy]

The zombies are coming, just like you always said they would. You have been training for this moment for your entire life. Are you up to the challenge?

Zombie Arcade is a 3D arcade-style shoot 'em up, with full physics ragdolls, crisp high quality sound effects, a rockin' soundtrack and a weapons arsenal that may just include the kitchen sink!

Zombie Arcade gives you:

* Your own customisable Apartment
* Your own Zombie T-Shirt Collection (with Apartment display frame)
* Unlockable weapons, trophies and t-shirts (using OpenFeint™)
* 3D Trophy Cabinet
* A 9mm pistol and four (4) more unlockable weapons
* High-quality super-realistic sound effects
* Two modes of gameplay
* Five fully-mapped and rendered zombie-slaying locations (v1.0.1)
* Ten (10) grades of difficulty to challenge ALL zombie-hunters
* OpenFeint™ leaderboards to show off your undead mastery
* A killer zombie-whacking MP3 soundtrack
* Countless references to zom-coms, undead action flicks and anything George A. Romero

Game Modes:

* INVASION - take out the zombies before they get to you! Use your weaponry, touch and timing well. You will have to balance the hoard of incoming flesh-eaters while reloading, firing and laughing with glee...

* SURVIVING BOREDOM - in all zombie movies there's that scene where everyone is finding some way to keep themselves entertained. If only they had Zombie Arcade! Being safe away from zombies means you can use them as target practice - take them out with a chip shot or perhaps a large calibre slug...


* The 9mm Pistol - small but effective...
* The Magnum - the largest, most powerful hand-cannon that money (or post-apocalyptic looting) can buy...
* The Golf Club - take out zombies with a powerful drive to the head!
* The Record Collection - is this the second album you ever bought? Who cares! Throw it anyway!
* The Shotgun - the zombie-hunter's weapon of choice. There just couldn't be a Zombie Arcade without one.

This is a Zombiephile's delight! If you have ever been down at the local video store, torn between your favourite zom-com and that hot new zombie action flick, THIS is for you.

Zombie Arcade - It's an apocalypse in your pocket!

Note: This app is not tested with iPad.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 26, 2010
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