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    Zepi:Free HD is a free-to-download version of Zepi puzzle app for iPad that features the most crisp Zepi graphics, nicest sound effects, and even some of power-ups. Just tap or slide the bright skins on the screen as quick as you can and link them into long chains. Make use of the Rabbit Hole for challenge and fun! Tap, relax, enjoy!

    What in new version 1.2
    1.Bugs fixed.
    2.Gameplay improved and more characters introduced: the Death Pill, the M.O.A.B.
    3.Upper panel implemented into the gameplay: you can see your score, best score. TimePills and CrazyRockets left; also you can pick TimePills and CrazyRockets directly from the upper panel on the screen.
    4.The M.O.A.B (Mother of All Atomic Bombs) blasts everything on the screen as well as DeathPills.
    5.The DeathPill can be killed only by M.O.A.B. Once you tap on the DeathPill, the game is over.
    6. The menu pops up at the end of the game: you can go to the main menu or start a new game.
    7. The viruses become armoured while playing: you are not able to eliminate the virus as long as it`s armoured.
    8.The Green Virus keeps the status of the original SuperBall it comes from.

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