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    Coming soon it iOS devices for free with no advertisements!

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    Zap Attack offers an original game play experience. Travel the galaxy to explore new areas while listening to an explosive soundtrack!

    Simply, pinch 2 fingers to create an explosion in this simple game. You may use up to 10 fingers to create orbs and explosions! Aim to explode flying saucers, flying horses, aliens and more!

    Don't let your main UFO character get hit by any of the enemies. Drag your UFO character to avoid enemies. Explode and dodge your enemies to win the level.

    If an enemy hits your UFO, then you'll discharge, and lose the ability to create orbs and explosions. Look for blue orb power ups to recharge your UFO. If you get hit while discharged, then you lose that level.

    Zap Attack offers 50 randomly generated space levels so you never play the same level twice!
    Can you survive the challenge?

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